I am back !

Saturday, May 18, 2013 |

It has been a while, yes it has been.. This is probably one of the longest time i haven't touched my blog. Not that i dont have time, its just that sometimes silence is just necessary. This blog had been a public and personal space for me. But sometimes i just feel lazy.

So, Whats up with me?

It is summer here in the Philippines, It is April 2013 and it has been 3 years now since i returned to Manila, I'm still hung over by the idea that i cannot work here anymore. As the saying goes, "Once you've work abroad, you will never find the satisfaction to work back home". True. At least for me that is.

To fairly put it, i want to admit that coming back home was a blessing.You see, I graduated from a BS Computer Science Degree from STI. I had good training during college, i was a performer, consistent achiever and closed the deal with honors. However my Degree thesis was too large, too hard for me to handle, i worked a 4 man's job in the attempt to make a system that the school could use to represent the branch in the Annual Best Thesis Awards.I was proud of what i did, but boy it did tire me to death. So after graduation, rather than pursuing a career in IT, i accepted other jobs. If you were one of my very few constant readers, you would know that i have collected a lot of job descriptions, a ton of industries, a wide range of knowledge from different areas that i could no longer count, yes ive been to different corporations worked with different kinds of people and sometimes i even work 2 jobs at the same time.But, I was lucky i always get hired, i could count in one hand the rejections i get for the lifetime of my career. I was blessed despite my shortcomings.

Okay nuff of the litany. I came back home just to find the job that i've given up 10 years ago. I am inlove with my profession now, For the first time after a decade, i finally found the job that i like to do. To program.I put all the pride aside working with schoolmate who is now my supervisor.If we will go back 15 years ago, who would have thought that i will address him as Sir? no one. After all i am Mau. The campus crush haha, just kidding.Sometimes i regret straying away from this industry. Had i pursued IT right after graduation, would i be in a higher position now? Would i be the Boss now? Would i be rich now? I remember after graduation, the manager of the company which i make the thesis for offered me to work in their office in Perth Australia. I thought its a stupid idea because my BF (now ex) was here, my life was here. And now i could only *breathe deep *sigh *breathe deeper fuck thats just so stupid.if i could turn back time, i would definitely accept it. To hell with the BF.

But past has passed. I am here now and yes, there were regrets here and there but all things are falling into places now. My life isnt perfect right? But it is beautiful. And i had wrong turns, stops, falls i make mistakes i am not perfect, but hey thats life right? and this is me had i been filled with too much awesomeness, life wouldn't taste this sweet, i wouldn't have come to know God. Yes, thank God for everything, because of everything i have come to know him.

So after getting aboard M/V Programmer Profession, i really did my best, i was promoted after a year. I beg to disagree it was because the Boss was a friend. I knew i earned it because you see, i have never worked so much my whole life as much as i have worked now. The thing is lately i am feeling a little low and honestly there were days that i dont feel like its working for me anymore.Maybe my pay is not enough? Hehehe.. My pay is good but hopefully it would be better so i no longer need to find a job abroad.

Yes i hope to find a better job overseas. I never planned for this, just recently.I wanted to renovate the house and pay my father's debt but my salary is not close enough to provide it. My employer is generous but i cant expect them to give me an arm and leg for my less than 2 years tenure with them. But since i love what i do and this place is home to me, i will only be leaving this company after i get a job offer from abroad. Until then I will be here. And yes please lets add that there are plans of marriage and settling down..So I cant be drastic with my decisions, this needs a lot of thinking.
*Think *Think

So moving forward again..

Last Holy Week, my Mum started a minor renovation project in the House. The dirty kitchen with linoleumed floor was tiled, the walls were finished and the front door area to the fence was roofed. I shed my share of expense, Which now left me penniless but im happy because little by little the house is getting better. I can do this everyday you know, renovate the house, had it not require money hahaha. One of my ultimate goal in life is to give my parents a big beautiful home. and i swear it will happen. (good vibes) In time it will happen.

Just recently my BF attended his graduation in PICC for some Associate Degree in SPCC, Finally graduated after years of schooling and yes i am one proud GF. IN less than a month he will be leaving for abroad to work (insert background music here). So Good luck to us because our lives will definitely change after that.I will surely miss coming to his house to sleepover when i work OT and the good times with him on some of my rest days while we rummage the streets of Divisoria in the scorching heat of the Sun just to appease my hunting-for-bargain mode. I seriously admire my BF for being able to stand my mood swings and temper. Because you see i am an all out a baby girl with him despite the fact that i am 6 years older than him.

Oh, my Dog Miki gave birth to 4 adorable pups and she is still nursing them on their third week now.They are so cute but i only get to play with them in the evening when i get home from work. Miki would cuddle me when i come home (i think more like ask for pasalubong) shed be like the sweetest dog ever would follow me around anywhere and come to me whenever i call she'd even leave the pups when i leave the area and stay with me while i watch Ina Kapatid Anak.Shed let me touch the pups i could even take them out of her house and she wont mind. Miki has 2 male and 2 female pups and i dont know which one (or two) to choose. We cannot keep the 4 with us that's too many.

Last week was a sad day because our other Dog, Sam died. It was too sudden i could not even recall that he was unhealthy. Sam is Miki's son during her first pregnancy, He was born a few days before i left for Singapore years ago. I recall that he was the smallest puppy among his siblings, he was the black one, but as he grows bigger black became spots then the hair became brown. He was cute when he was younger and he would have looked better than Miki had he not got an allergy, he stinks too. But its just him i dont know maybe somethings wrong with his skin. Not that he's dirty but he just really stink. Anyway another regret hit me when Sam died, i felt saddened by the fact that he died too young and unloved. Unlike Miki, Sam is not very used to human touch and hugging. I sure liked him but i did not care for him as much as i cared for my Dog,You see, When i eat i always share my food to Miki, he always gets the biggest leftover. So i really regret not being fair to Sam, he was a good dog , he dont bite. And barks only at the right time. Unlike Miki who barks at his own tail all the time and goes berserk on eye contact.(yes.. wtf)

Last December i got a new phone. a Kata i1, i loaned it from the office as it is also a company product.I never knew I'm going to love it but i did, and for the first time after many years Ive learned to appreciate another brand aside from my first love, Apple.My sister bought one for herself too, well of course loaned from the office too hehehe. I'm enjoying my phone so much i do almost anything with it. My experience with Sony Experia taught me how powerful Android OS is, and since then i've held this OS with high regard in choosing a gadget. It is also easy to update, and what i like most about this phone is i could download a movie and save it to my SD anytime.
Well, i am just an average user so the battery life is fine with me, although if you will ask the majority, The battery life does not suffice the amount of fun things you can do with Kata i1. Disclaimer : This is not a paid advert to back off haters, go chew your nails!

So going back.. I am pretty much fine.Oh i turned 33 already. Honestly i never felt excited about that recent "growing old" thingy. Age is a very ruthless enemy.My consolation is just like the saying goes "the older you get the wiser you become" yada.. yada..But honestly, who wants to age? I dont. -- Which reminds me that since my BF is leaving soon therefore i need to "overhaul" my physical outlook and be more healthy as in fit healthy not fat healthy lah. I'm planning to see the OB to have a regular check up of my "Polycysticsm" whatever that is and hopefully get it cured before i start to look like a sofa. Recently i dont feel good about myself and i am scared too having grown this big i felt anytime i will have a heart attack or my feet will swell and look so disgusting. Oh no not the feet!

I guess that should be all for now? I'm writing again very soon. I so missed doing this.
Welcome me back Blogworld!