Hello October! Christmas is fast coming and the kid in me wants to make a list for Christmas. I use to do this but i stopped, so now dyaaaraaan!! Here's what i want for Christmas!

Warning : This is the materialistic side of me :) there are far better things i wish that i could not write in here so i just keep it to myself okay! i wanted to make this list so i will be inspired to achieve, these i would like to think - will be my reward to myself.

A New Perfume

Sniff Sniff Sniff me More. I think I've been wanting to get this for myself for the longest time. Isn't it lovely? Just the bottle looks classy enough right? But its a little expensive for me so until now i cant buy it, I've been like dreaming to have Daisy by Marc Jacobs for the last 3 years now. Oh how i wish i could have it soon!

Well, i things go so well, i would like the following as alternative :

a. Dolce and Gabbanna Light Blue. This is like the National Perfume of all the Pinays in Singapore. And Yes i love it too, i used to have a small bottle but its finished already. So i want one, again!

b. Victoria Secret's Vanilla Lace. I beg to disagree that it smells like a car perfume! I know its affordable nonetheless it is still classy! And it would be super awesome if it will come together with other stuff like below (vomit blood).

A New Bag

What now haha i think i had like 10 or more bags this year but those were the cheap bags from Divisoria, infact some of them i gave away already after one use only, the thing is, i have a very little resistance to temptation when it comes to bags. Have you ever been to Divisoria's Night Market?? They sell there very cheap bags mostly signature cut, but of course they don't last long, lucky you if they last with you for a few months.Then I realized now, i actually spent so much for those cheap bags that had i saved all those money i could have already afford a better bag with a good tag, No not the LV or Prada ones, but Maybe Tommy Hilfiger or XOXO perhaps?
But this Christmas, I'm eyeing Charles & Keith and how i wish I'm still in Singapore because C & K is so much cheaper there and what more i can check out the sale items online and see which store has it, saves me time and money going to the wrong shop right? The website is also so good you can actually see how the items look like because you can rotate the viewer. Too bad they don't have a website for online shopping in the Philippines, and the items are very limited as well.

And here are the alternatives in case i failed to get it

a. Michaela Bag. My workmate Janice always get her bag from Michaela, before, i don't really believe in the promise of local brands but i came to notice this one specially because i like the styles and sizes their bag comes with.

b. Satchel bag from Tomato. Ive been wanting to get this Purple (or dark velvet or this curry colored on like the pic below) bag from Tomato but whenever i visit their boutiques they don't have stock so i don't really know if they still sell it. but i still want one in case i failed to get the 2 above.Hahaha.

Buy this Bag for Me from ZALORA.COM or TOMATO.COM
A New Phone

I think i better say bye bye to my iPhone. I am planning to sell it soon because its like 3 yrs old already and i am not very comfortable traveling with it. Its not very luxurious dang its not Samsung s3 or iPhone 4 or 5 but still if you travel most of the time Here in the Philippines better be safe than sorry. I would like to change into a more humble phone so i would like to get myself a cheap 3g Blackberry, No i don't want a plan, i just want to have data when i need it so i want a prepaid one, i also don't want monthly obligation.

From Top to Bottom : Bb Curve 9220, BB Curve Touch, Bb Torch
Buy For Me any BB Phone at Blackberry PH

 And here are the alternatives in case i failed to get it

a. DTC GT3 Astroid Phone. I have not seen this in actual but based on the review i think i like it hahaha. It has radio, internet, is touch screen, is an authentic Android Phone and what else, Dual Sim! It Rocks!
That's a lot for a cheap phone yea? Its roughly 4K ++, more or less 150USD.

Grab this DTC GT3 for me from LAZADA

b. Nokia Asha Touch Phone. I like the red or fuchsia one, i think its cute!!

Gift me this Nokia's Stylish new phone from NOKIA PH

An Ipad!

Yes you heard me i want an Ipad for myself. I think I'd go with the WiFi Only, it is fine because i intend to have internet on my phone anyway. I don't know why i never bought an Ipad when  was in Singapore, Maybe because i find it too huge?? Haha, but that what i want now something huge so i can have more time reading or listening to my audiobooks. Also i want to sell my iphone so i need to get another apple. I am in love with Apple products.

Buy for Me an IPAD at APPLE PH

 There is no alternative. I would not want any tablet except for an Ipad, but if anything else comes free i will gladly take it!! Playbook or Galaxy Tab, Sony Tab of Even a Kata T1 will do!

Give me a Paybook for Christmas at BLACKBERRY PH

Buy For me a Samsung Galaxy Tab at SAMSUNG PH

Give me a Kata T1 from OWTEL Store

 A Rebonded Hair

Stress really does bad right? Imagine how i looked when i was out of job, penniless but fresh hahaha and yes i may have a few to spend now but look how horrible i look, i aged a ton!! Sometimes i feel even scared to look at myself, seeing how horrible my skin had become, or even my nails, or even my "size" those aren't really helping to boost my self esteem.. So for a change i wanted to pamper myself with a nice rebond, You see despite the split ends, i really want to keep my long hair so i just trim it only a little, i want to reserve it until i save enough for a rebond. Oh i dont think i could afford those Loreal Xtenso because they are sooo expensive, But hey i found a salon with great feedback and customer reviews so i want to try it.
But hey look what i got just now from PalsSalon's Tweet, a Promo! OMG i liiikkke this!!!! but no budget for now huhu :(

MG Treat Me !
Drop me a Donation for this Hair Rebond Promo. (Paypal)

PalsSalon in Pasig is my target, but Dang, i think you have to call for a scheduled visit because they are so popular that their calendar is almost full until the end of the year.
I have a few alternatives, but those i would keep to myself for now.
An Inter-Island Vacation
My Bf and I have been planning to go to a vacation trip. For once we have not been to any and i think we should soon do it because both of us are stressed with our work and second, everybody deserves some good time right? But where do we go? I still don't know.. Money is still a big factor, this may come last but i sure want this to come one way or another.. I wanted to go to Boracay for a few days, I wanted to see the beach, to feel the wind, but i also want to enjoy the mountains to wake up in the chirps of the birds. Actually, I thought of coming home to Mindoro, Its my mother's province and my grandmother owns a house there, i also have a clanful of relatives there. But i dont even know why,as much as i miss Naujan, i am also afraid to see that place again. I feel sadness. With my grandfather gone now, the house that used to be very happy just sits there damp and empty. i hope one of my mom's sibling go back there to live in the house, so it would still feel home to me.

An Overseas Trip

Shoot me rawr!! But if i can fit in your baggage i would definitely go with you here are the countries that i would like to visit, Hopefully next year we can go there because i am definitely sure that i will not be able to afford it before the year ends.

A. Korea
B. Hongkong / Macau
C. Beijing
D. Jakarta
E. Kuala Lumpur
F. Japan
G. Dubai