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FRINGE is at its Final Season. and because i love Fringe so much i decided to collect the promo for each episode in this season, this is so that i have something to look back to in the future because i will definitely miss Fringe.

Disclaimers: Videos are not mine they are embeded from youtube and Summaries are taken from wikipedia


EPISODE 1: Transilience Thought Unifier Model 11

SUMMARY : In the year 2036, Peter, Astrid, Walter, and Etta set out to find Olivia and free her from amber. Once they do, they discover she holds the key to finding the plans for a weapon to defeat the Observers... but Walter is captured and interrogated for the same information.
EPISODE 2: In Absentia

SUMMARY : After Walter's mind is damaged by Windmark's telepathic probe, the team goes to Walter's old Harvard lab to find the information they need to defeat the Observers. 

EPISODE 3: The Recordist

SUMMARY : As the rogue Fringe team continues to fight off the oppressive Observers’ invasion, unforeseen events lead them into a forest where they encounter a strange subculture of people devoted to recording human history.

EPISODE 4: The Bullet That Saved The World

SUMMARY : The Fringe team goes head-to-head against the Observers, resulting in a devastating repercussion, Etta was shot and eventually died. Phillip Broyles resurfaces and is apparently working with Etta for the Resistance.

EPISODE 5: An Origin Story



Anonymous said...

Where do you watch season 5? I haven't seen any of the new season's eps, Chase channel still runs season 3 :((

Maureen said...

Hello, i dont watch it online, i download it via torrent, oh episode 3 is out. It will be in the torrent sites anytime within the day.

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