Just recently i learned how to make flowers with a dotting tool and a toothpick. So my nails this week is inspired by the magazine cover i saw while traveling home. Sakura leaves in dark background. I called this Cherry Blossoms at Night ha-ha..

Look how my experiment goes.

Unfortunately my nails are still very short. I dont know when they gonna grow longer because im very stressed these days and i tend to bite them unintentionally (disgusting yah?) hehe..


Simple Strawberry Nail Art

Sunday, September 2, 2012 |

When i saw Saab Magalona in one of the TV Sitcom in TV5 (i can't recall what or when) one of the thing that caught my eye is her nails. I thought i saw some strawberry inspired art in it. Before i knew it, i have already researched on youtube how it is done and tell you, there are tons of strawberry nail art tutorials online but amongst the videos i saw, i think this one is the same as the what's Saab nails look like.

After seeing this video, i was fired up and envious so i got mine too. haha. But i have limited nail polish supplies and i dont have the same colors so i made use of what i already have.

the polishes i used making my strawberry nails

When i applied the green i just let it go over my nails because it is short, i cleaned it aftwards

finished product!

First i coat my nails with the pink one, then used the green one to make the leaves, actually i dont have a green, this color looks more like teal to me, but it can do yeah? then apply the strawberry seeds randomly using a dotting tool with white polish. To finish it off, i coated it with a natural polish so its shiny.

love my short sweet nails
It may look messy but i think looks cute for a first timer.

Special thanks to my boyfriend for buying the Nail Polish in one of my favorite wholesaler shops in Divisoria. 13Php each for the nail polish. I will do a different strawberry design in the future, hopefully looks better !:)