First of all let me tell everyone that i love Bake and Churn, i enjoyed their ice cream cakes and I've blogged about it already HERE.
Black Forest
Yesterday was my BF's 26th Birthday, that in mind, i redeemed for him an ice cream cake from Bake and Churn, i had a voucher from Ensogo which i have purchased long ago. I've always loved Rocky Road and i have tried and tested Bake and Churn's Rocky Road Dome Cake. It's a Two Thumbs Up i tell you.
Yesterday i though of trying other flavors and the closest i had thought was Black Forest.
The cake looks amazing. I even asked my BF to change himself into a red shirt so i would take pictures. Bake and Churn is still true to their word that their ice cream don't melt so easily. BlackForest's Icecream cake is almost the same as the Rocky Road, except that the Rocky Road had less ice cream and less cake because it has a layer of marshmallows, the BlackForest have a Thicker layer of Cake, Thicker layer of ice cream and thin layer of white icing.
I sliced a generous amount and dig in realizing how sweet it was, no.. not sweet, overly sweet. There's nothing in the combination that pacifies the sweetness. Everything is sweet, no.. everything is overly sweet.
My BF and I were not able to finish the slice i put in my plate. The sweetness.. no.. extreme sweetness gave me a headache and even my mom's boyfriend started vomiting the food out before i could even complain.

I've always loved my cake with a reasonable amount of sweetness only.. I think i made a wrong choice in picking BackForest. I should have sticked to the traditional Rocky Road. Well, i still have 2 more vouchers to use and i dont know what to choose now :(

Happy Birthday Baby

The Slice of Black Forest

Bake and Churn's Black Forest
As much as i love Bake and Churn, my BlackForest experience was a tragedy.


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