I saw this Hello Kitty Chocolate filled cookies from Mercury Drug Convenience Store in Crossing Shaw and immediately bought it. I thought of trying it out for a change but i already doubt it because i had a bad experience from Japanese cookies bought from Singapore's 1 dollar Daiso. They don't taste right to me.
But, the cat caught me and like in most occasions, i can barely admit that i loved hello kitty. But in reality, i think i do, i just don't have the budget to collect it, or maybe i find liking it too overrated. Because, who doesn't anyway?

Whats in the Bag

Chocolate filled cookies that looks hand painted with cute drawing of kitty and ice cream cones. The filling are cookies and something with texture, im not sure if its rice crispies (really tiny) or sprinkles. But they look good. They just dont smell that enticing.

Cute Cookies and Cute Foil Pack
The Meowmmmy Factor

I think it don't taste good at all. Just like my worst experience from a Daiso cookie, it leaves a medicine like after taste, that kind of taste you get from really cheap cookies. It don't taste like chocolate to me, but only "chocolate-like" something else ha-ha. No kidding i ate only 3 pcs and thought of taking the other few pieces home to feed it my dog. Later on i throw it away i fear my dog might die LOL.

Round cookies and its not so chocolatey insides

I took home the other pack, Its  a good addition to my room only because it is pink (Oh i love anything pink that looks cute). The pack that i throw already i took it again from the waste bin and cut Hello Kitty out, put some tape and pin it so right now it stands in front of my monitor in the office. And whenever i look at it, i feel full (that's good right?), i don't ever wanna taste it again.

Foil Kitty on my Monitor Stand

Heya Hello Kitty

I definitely don't recommend buying it. But it is cheap anyway so if you are collecting Hello Kitty, its good to have one too, just display it, don't eat it !


Unsugarcoated Reviews said...

Hmm this is my first time to see these cookies. Can't blame you for being attracted; everybody loves Hello Kitty. :D