Enjoying Sony Experia

Monday, August 6, 2012 |

I've recently realized the wonderful things my (correction :my BFs ) SONY EXPERIA MINI could do and i was so amazed now i want to own one myself too. A few of those great things i enjoy having it around rather than my iphone are the following :

I love having access to local radio stations when i feel like listening to one. With the experia around this is really possible. Just like other phone, i just have to attach a headset. The phone uses the headset as an antenna.

Free Apps.
Android has more free apps than ios. There are a lot of paid downloaded apps in my iphone that's just free in android. Ever felt being ripped off??

I know that newer iphones have improved tethering features, but my iphone is not jailbroken. Its an old 3GS. And as far as tweaking is concern i am so notinto it. I have a feeling its gonna break anytime, with it loosing reception quite often, rebooting and freezing.

is access to local radio stations,
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