I just learned today that one of my cousins is joining Binibining Naujan. We are supporting her and we are hoping that she gets the People's Choice award by getting the most Facebook likes.





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Let her be the new face of Binibining Naujan 2012!

I saw this Hello Kitty Chocolate filled cookies from Mercury Drug Convenience Store in Crossing Shaw and immediately bought it. I thought of trying it out for a change but i already doubt it because i had a bad experience from Japanese cookies bought from Singapore's 1 dollar Daiso. They don't taste right to me.
But, the cat caught me and like in most occasions, i can barely admit that i loved hello kitty. But in reality, i think i do, i just don't have the budget to collect it, or maybe i find liking it too overrated. Because, who doesn't anyway?

Whats in the Bag

Chocolate filled cookies that looks hand painted with cute drawing of kitty and ice cream cones. The filling are cookies and something with texture, im not sure if its rice crispies (really tiny) or sprinkles. But they look good. They just dont smell that enticing.

Cute Cookies and Cute Foil Pack
The Meowmmmy Factor

I think it don't taste good at all. Just like my worst experience from a Daiso cookie, it leaves a medicine like after taste, that kind of taste you get from really cheap cookies. It don't taste like chocolate to me, but only "chocolate-like" something else ha-ha. No kidding i ate only 3 pcs and thought of taking the other few pieces home to feed it my dog. Later on i throw it away i fear my dog might die LOL.

Round cookies and its not so chocolatey insides

I took home the other pack, Its  a good addition to my room only because it is pink (Oh i love anything pink that looks cute). The pack that i throw already i took it again from the waste bin and cut Hello Kitty out, put some tape and pin it so right now it stands in front of my monitor in the office. And whenever i look at it, i feel full (that's good right?), i don't ever wanna taste it again.

Foil Kitty on my Monitor Stand

Heya Hello Kitty

I definitely don't recommend buying it. But it is cheap anyway so if you are collecting Hello Kitty, its good to have one too, just display it, don't eat it !

First of all let me tell everyone that i love Bake and Churn, i enjoyed their ice cream cakes and I've blogged about it already HERE.
Black Forest
Yesterday was my BF's 26th Birthday, that in mind, i redeemed for him an ice cream cake from Bake and Churn, i had a voucher from Ensogo which i have purchased long ago. I've always loved Rocky Road and i have tried and tested Bake and Churn's Rocky Road Dome Cake. It's a Two Thumbs Up i tell you.
Yesterday i though of trying other flavors and the closest i had thought was Black Forest.
The cake looks amazing. I even asked my BF to change himself into a red shirt so i would take pictures. Bake and Churn is still true to their word that their ice cream don't melt so easily. BlackForest's Icecream cake is almost the same as the Rocky Road, except that the Rocky Road had less ice cream and less cake because it has a layer of marshmallows, the BlackForest have a Thicker layer of Cake, Thicker layer of ice cream and thin layer of white icing.
I sliced a generous amount and dig in realizing how sweet it was, no.. not sweet, overly sweet. There's nothing in the combination that pacifies the sweetness. Everything is sweet, no.. everything is overly sweet.
My BF and I were not able to finish the slice i put in my plate. The sweetness.. no.. extreme sweetness gave me a headache and even my mom's boyfriend started vomiting the food out before i could even complain.

I've always loved my cake with a reasonable amount of sweetness only.. I think i made a wrong choice in picking BackForest. I should have sticked to the traditional Rocky Road. Well, i still have 2 more vouchers to use and i dont know what to choose now :(

Happy Birthday Baby

The Slice of Black Forest

Bake and Churn's Black Forest
As much as i love Bake and Churn, my BlackForest experience was a tragedy.

Enjoying Sony Experia

Monday, August 6, 2012 |

I've recently realized the wonderful things my (correction :my BFs ) SONY EXPERIA MINI could do and i was so amazed now i want to own one myself too. A few of those great things i enjoy having it around rather than my iphone are the following :

I love having access to local radio stations when i feel like listening to one. With the experia around this is really possible. Just like other phone, i just have to attach a headset. The phone uses the headset as an antenna.

Free Apps.
Android has more free apps than ios. There are a lot of paid downloaded apps in my iphone that's just free in android. Ever felt being ripped off??

I know that newer iphones have improved tethering features, but my iphone is not jailbroken. Its an old 3GS. And as far as tweaking is concern i am so notinto it. I have a feeling its gonna break anytime, with it loosing reception quite often, rebooting and freezing.

Powered by Magnum

Sunday, August 5, 2012 |

My boyfriend loves Magnum Ice Cream.

Actually he had his first Magnum when he visited me years back in Singapore (tell you Magnum was not so popular back then, or maybe it still is not famous there now, i cant really tell) but its just an ordinary ice cream bar that you can get in most auntie / uncle convenience down the HDB.
One true thing about the Magnum ice cream is that it is really thick and creamy. That being a fact also means it don't melt so easily. Which gives you the best ice cream bar experience for a reasonable expense. Back in SF it costs about 2 dollar plus and here in the Philippines they give it off at 50..
I took photos of my boyfriend while indulging on Magnum Truffles and here are the outcome when i tiled it using the iphone app "shake it" (i love this app i intend to blog about it in the future).

Aren't they cute? My boyfriend loved them and when i posted it in his Facebook many of his friends liked it too.

My choice was the second pic. I think its more candid and free. And it even says 'powered by magnum'. Dont get me wrong in there, its not paid ad at all.

Look what i made out of some nail polish and stickers.

The base is an earth tone tan from OMG which i always have (it is must for me to have earth tone polish all the time). The stickers are from Watsons i bought them last month for 30php.
The sticker is a great deal because a mat is useful for 3-4 sets already. Not bad right??
I just played with the sticker and got really satisfied. So cute :)).

To finish it sparkling, i glazed my nails with Bobbie natural transparent polish.
Hmmm i guess i have no preference with nail polish. I don't care much if local brand as long as not a fake.