A Rose Online Addict's Journal

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 |

Monday. I came home earlier than usual and decided to look for something to read. So, i started with my sister's box of heavy Catherine Coulter pocketbooks but never found any that interests me. No offense but i am so not into romantic novels. As i sadly return everything back into the rusty carton, something dropped. To my delight,it was my old RoseOnline Journal.

Finding old stuff brings happy memories
I flipped through the pages and i can't believe how addicted i really was once to RoseOnline that I even made a journal of my researches about the game.

Wings Crafting Recipe

Boss Hunt. The Traditional Rose
Manapotion crafting Recipe. During Prose time, potion crafting is very important because potions are not avaialable in the NPCs
Magic Shield Crafting Recipe
Facewear Crafting Recipe

Metals and what monsters drop them
Leathers and what monsters drop them
Refining items and gears
Hearts and what monsters drop them
Zodiac Stones and what monsters drop them

Castle gear parts recipe
Fashionable all job character sets
The Legendary Episode Quest
Fast Level and Looting
Aquarions and Legacy are the first clan names i thought of when i saved enough money to build my own clan. I chose Aquarions and made it home to my humble characters until the Prose Shuts down. I never made Aquarions in Aruarose instead i made Chic and Sweetheart
This is the clanmark of Aquarions, I used this photo to help somebody in the forums who needs a hand with making a clanmark.


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