The Serpent’s Shadow is the third book of the trilogy of Rick Riordan's Kane Chronicles.
In this books, Carter and  Sadie Kane, the  main characters are to battle with the Serpent God in its quest to overthrow the Gods out of power, Eat the Sun (which literally means destroy the Sun God Ra, mortal enemy of Apophis) and eventually destroy the world.
In the Second Book, Apophis was accidentally released from its Prison after Bast the cat Goddess who was saved by Carter and Sadie's mom that apparently caused her her life in the process.
Lord Ra has been awaken only to be a useless senile old man who is much of a bother than help. What more he needs to be strictly guarded by Gods of highest magic during the night because he is at risk being killed by the avenging Apophis.
In their journey to find answers on how to kill Apophis, they managed to bring Bes' the Dwarf God back to life by calling its soul's 5th element, it's shadow and Pulled it back to life.
They have come to a plan ,execrate Apophis' shadow, which may seem impossible but with the help of other God's they managed to turn out victorious in the end.
Lord Ra gave the throne to Horus and the Gods returned to Duat leaving the human world.

My Thoughts:
I guess there would be a collaboration between Riordan's Kane Chronicles and the Heroes of Olympus based on the following scenarios ..
Sadie talks to her mother who asks her to be careful because her gift of prophecy has shown her visions of "other gods" and "rival magic".
Sadie also mentions having to check out "unexplained magic" in Long Island. In Rick Riordan's Heroes of Olympus, Long Island is where The Greek Camp Half Blood resides.

A Rose Online Addict's Journal

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 |

Monday. I came home earlier than usual and decided to look for something to read. So, i started with my sister's box of heavy Catherine Coulter pocketbooks but never found any that interests me. No offense but i am so not into romantic novels. As i sadly return everything back into the rusty carton, something dropped. To my delight,it was my old RoseOnline Journal.

Finding old stuff brings happy memories
I flipped through the pages and i can't believe how addicted i really was once to RoseOnline that I even made a journal of my researches about the game.

Wings Crafting Recipe

Boss Hunt. The Traditional Rose
Manapotion crafting Recipe. During Prose time, potion crafting is very important because potions are not avaialable in the NPCs
Magic Shield Crafting Recipe
Facewear Crafting Recipe

Metals and what monsters drop them
Leathers and what monsters drop them
Refining items and gears
Hearts and what monsters drop them
Zodiac Stones and what monsters drop them

Castle gear parts recipe
Fashionable all job character sets
The Legendary Episode Quest
Fast Level and Looting
Aquarions and Legacy are the first clan names i thought of when i saved enough money to build my own clan. I chose Aquarions and made it home to my humble characters until the Prose Shuts down. I never made Aquarions in Aruarose instead i made Chic and Sweetheart
This is the clanmark of Aquarions, I used this photo to help somebody in the forums who needs a hand with making a clanmark.

My Birds New Home

Thursday, June 14, 2012 |

When my aunt's kids left for Canada years ago, we were left with a cage of 3 love birds, those birds died long ago already so my mom bought replacement one after another, now we are down with a pair and i have named them Snow and Sunny.
But Snow and Sunny keeps pecking their house that it's almost bare already. Thinking that the wet season is on the way i have decided to make a house. It fits only one bird just like their old one.

1) popsicle sticks
2) glue stick
3) nylon

I made the house roof first, then i made the walls attach it to the roof, finally i made the floor, attached it to the walls. Then to make the craft stronger i tied all the popsicles with nylon like a crosstitch.
It took only 3 hours to finish.

Next day i told my Father to attach the new house i made into the bird cage. Unfortunately, the house' been sitting there so long already i never saw Snow or Sunny on it not even once, until last Sunday. Sunny was on it, and he wont fly away even if im close taking his picture.
I was very happy to see my craft being appreciated.

Sunny inside the house that i made. Lol the house is almost "eaten" already :)

The Department of Education is no longer tasked to announce cancellation or suspension of classes in both public and private schools during bad weather conditions.

"Parents as well as students don’t have to wait for DepEd to announce suspension of classes since the responsibility now lies with the LOCAL GOVERMENT OFFICIALS,” DepEd Secretary Armin Luistro told the Manila Bulletin.

Based on DepEd Order No. 43, series of 2012, if the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) will not issue a storm signal, the local government units are responsible for canceling or suspending classes.

According to EO 43, concerned local DepEd and private school officials are also expected to establish effective lines of communications with their respective local government units to determine localized cancellation or suspension of classes and work.

The DepEd's EO 43 is based on Executive Order No. 66, signed by President Benigno Aquino III last Janauary 9.

EO 66 states: "The concerned Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (LDRRMO) headed by the local chief executive shall be responsible for announcing the suspension of classes and work in the government offices in the affected areas in coordination with the NDRRMC, through all forms of mass media available under the circumstances."

Automatic cancellation rules

Meanwhile, the following guidelines shall be followed for the automatic cancellation or suspension of classes in all public and private elementary, secondary and tertiary schools, as well as work in all government offices:

a. When Signal No. 1 is raised by PAGASA, classes at the pre-school level, in the affected area, shall be automatically canceled or suspended.

b. When Signal No. 2
is raised by PAGASA, classes at the pre-school, elementary and secondary levels, in the affected area, shall be automatically cancelled or suspended,

c. When Signal No. 3 or higher is raised by PAGASA, classes at pre-school, elementary, secondary, and tertiary levels, in the affected area, including graduate school, as well as work in all government offices, shall be automatically cancelled or suspended.

Signal numbers declared at 10:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. of the following day are deemed automatic cancellation or suspension depending on the appropriate class level.

On the other hand, signal numbers declared at 11:00 a.m. which automatically calls for cancellation or suspension of afternoon classes, are based on the APPROPRIATE CLASS LEVEL.

Disclaimer : This has only been a repost for Public Reminder. I do not claim writing this article taken from

Read Here for Expected Typhoons to Hit the Philippines this 2012
Read Here Executive Order No 66

June 11 is not a Holiday!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012 |

I just read today that June 11 will not be declared a Holiday. SO.. those articles online are just anticipations as well???

I prefer not to mention their site, because im just a reader, but really almost all of them tell the same thing, that Holiday will be moved earlier! and its not!
So Pnoy wont like to move it as just like the other holidays that passed.
Dang this is sad.
Had Aug 20 been a regular day, do you think he will move Ninoy Aquino Day to Aug 20th Monday? Being Ninoy Aquino day fall on Tuesday?