Ice cream?! Cake?! Ice cream?! Cake?! Do you have a sweet tooth and can't decide which to go for? You may not choose one because you can definitely have both, with Bake and Churn Ice Cream Cakes your craving for the sweet and cold will surely appease.
This isn't the first time I've tasted their products, in fact whenever i go to SM, i would always grab a slice of chocolate log, that is one of my super favorite as the Chocolate is sinfully rich and it don't melt as fast as other ice creams would.
Ever heard the saying, its best to eat ice cream when its cold? Somehow that is true, because when the weather is cold, the ice cream does not melt so easily, the best flavor of icecream can be tasted when it is still solid not liquid. Because if it is liquid it's not ice cream anymore, its called Shake!! (whateverrr). Anyway, Ice cream is good all the time, and it dont choose an occasion or place or age (Heck even my grandmother still loves ice cream!)
Going back, I decided to blog about my experience with Bake and Churn this time because i was very happy with my purchase, In addition to that, i enjoyed a whopping P200 discount because i bought the bake and churn gift voucher from Ensogo , so i just had to cash out only P130 for my ice cream, i mean cake, err ice cream cake. How cools is that?
I ordered a Rocky Road Flavored Dome Cake. Please don't fucking ask me why because my reasons are personal, yes they are lame but at least i have reasons. Rocky Road because it sounds nice. Ha-ha. and Rocky Road because i like its picture from their website. Ha-ha-ha.
This is the photo from the website. Enticing Isn't it?

Anyway, the reason i chose to redeem my Bake and Churn is because mother's day is coming soon. I initially planned to redeem on Sunday, 13th of May however SM Megamall is P200 away from me. Hahaha. All the savings will just go to JAC Liner!
Well, as i write this, my father and i has not long began devouring the cake. And Yes! I think i made the right choice getting Rocky Road. Because , with its not so sweet ice cream and with its uverly chocolatey base cake(like brownies), this is just as perfect as i expected it should be.

The cake in my fridge

Make room for the masterpiece
My Rocky Road taken from the Box

The Box. The Box carton is very hard and thick, so its good keeping the cold in.

A slice of Heaven. Semi Sweet ice cream on top of rich choco brownie cake.

I hope Ensogo comes up once again with Bake and Churn Vouchers because i am really gonna buy more and i hope they open other branches to join too because as fair as i recall only a few branches accepts the vouchers and they are all in Metro Manila. Anyway, i would like to thank the staff of Bake and Churn Megamall for accommodating me this afternoon. The service was really fast and efficient.