Supplies : School Starts June 2012

Friday, May 18, 2012 |

Its nearly June, which means one thing, who wouldn't know? Apart from June being the Bridal month, It is also the most popular month to Students, simply because, School starts in June here in the Philippines.

Oh i can still remember how excited i was when its time to shop for school supplies. Schooldays are happy memories for me, so as preparing for school. Dont you know how much time i took wrapping my notebooks with plastic covers?I was so anal about how my notebook will end up looking after the process so I do it precisely , elaborately and artistically (dang) ha-ha.

MY Guidelines in Notebooks Preparation
(1) I start with picking the notebook, i dont like overly thin pages, im buying notebook not onion skin or papel-de-hapon hello! Most of the Time i buy,  notebooks with more pages, hoping it would last a year.
(2) I'd select one with nice linear guides inside and tidy, if i dont have budget, getting a smooth paged notebook is lucky, otherwise, i'd settle with the not-so-papersand-like one.I think notebooks should look good even before you use it because when you start writing on it, its gets really ugly. Come on, who writes by hand perfectly?
(3) I try to pick a nice covered one, or atleast a set of the same thing. Example, i'd get a set with Disney characters on it,same style, same color, they may not have the exact same covers but atleast- They look Sponsored. Yes thats how i should put it haha.
(4) I started buying spring notes when i was in 3rd Grade, so i pick a nice color yarn or string, or if budget permits, a ribbon, I remove the spring, and saw thru the holes, i will try to align loose leaf in place together as much as i can such that even if the holes dont align, it still comes together nicely.
(5) On some occassions when i can only afford cheap notes, i collect nice pictures from magazines and use it on top of the cover, make nice cut out letters for the subjectname or print out from the computer.
(6) Lastly, I write my last name on the sides of the notebook. M-E-N-D-O-Z-A. Caps and striking telling everyone, This isn't yours so handsoff haha.

Why do new things smell so nice? Like the eraser? I think something is wrong with me being very addicted to cute, really really nice smelling erasers, i cant get enough sniffing the eraser! And why do they have to make such uverly cute erasers like this?..faints..
Yummy Erasers!

Nuff babbling, If you cant get to buy a new eraser, just use the old one because 90 percent of the time, even the cutest erasers just gets discarded once they loose their shape and smell. If you wanna remove those lead dust, try scrubbing your eraser to a really coarse sand paper until the real color comes, butofcourse, needless say, dont overdo it because you will end up consuming the entire thing to (whats the english term for libag?) dirt (an understatement ugh)

Looking forward to new color pens, pastels, and water colors

The basics. This is what your teacher will ask you 90 percent of the time on your first day!
Glue, Pastes or anything of that kind are like extras to school bag but its good to have them around when you need them. But honestly based on experience only. A few students really buy these things, why? because my seatmates always ask to borrow mine! Always. It's not likely true that they will borrow it right? Can

i possibly say "Hey neighbor when are you going to return my paste that you stuck in between your two papers?" . There's a way to make your own paste, make a

lot and store it,bring a small amount to school when you need it. Dont ask from your neighbor too often because it will be annoying to sit beside you, most of all, dont ever think of picking your nose or sticking out tounge for a personal touch. That's just too retarded.

1. heat the water in a bowl, maybe a cup will do.
2. while heating the water, on a different bowl dissolve the starch on a small amount of water.(Again.. Small amount of water) Basically the water you will

use to dissolve it will add up the the water you are boiling.
3. Once the starch is dissolved, and the water you are heating starts to boil, set fire tothe lowest.
4. carefully, slowly, pour the starch mixture into the boiling water. (again, carefully and slowly) not in one go okay? because when you do, you will make

areally ugly crumple piece / pieces in there. you wouldn't like it because its a waste. So just faithfully do it slowly, while pouring the solution, stir it

slowly, like, melting the solution into the boiling water slowly.
5. Stop Puring if you think that the solution is too thick already, you can tell by the feel of the stirring, it will get more volume and mass as you put

more starch solution. It shouldn't be drippy too.
6. Once everything is there, stir it a little, just let it sit for a bit until you see no more "solid white" but only transparent, or translucent. Then shut the

fire off.
7. Let it cool. Dont ever ever try to test how cool it is already by dipping your fingers in because you will regret it. Paste solution is thick,it doesn't

cool so easily.

Scissors, Rulers, Protractors, Compass, triangle Just like glues and pastes, its not very essential, but having one around is a comfort specially if you are taking subject like drafting, physics, trigo, art or even home economics. Its quite hard to borrow these from your neigbor because unlike pastes these aren't really cheap and can last for years.

Ballpoint Pens, Sharpener, Wooden Pencils, and the magical pencil case. I have no specifics with the pens, as long as it writes nicely.I have stopped using wooden pencils and just settled for Refillable Lead Pens. I think its cheaper and cleaner to use, plus idont have tobring sharpener all the time. But ofcourse you can't ask a kid to bring mechanical pencils right? Its just too pointy for them, or their neighbors harhar. Wooden Pencils come with Sharpeners, try to get one with a container so the pencil shreddings dont get loose and youcan dump them somewhere else.

MailBags, Strollers, KnapSacks. I cannot say anything about bags for it goes with whats in and whats comfortable.

School uniform. Socks, School Shoes. With these 3,I believe in quality. So i'd rather buy an expensive one, but durable, id rather use just one pair of shoes for many years that change shoes each and every month. You see, the clothes you wear, the shoes your on, it says so much about your personality.

Have you bought your school supplies already?

Planning togo to Divisoria? What if its too far? Or too inconvinient? Here's good news to parents and students alike, DTI has an ongoing programme called Diskwento Caravan:  this one-day sale aims to ease the consumers’ burden of rising prices of basic necessities and prime commodities as well as school supplies.

Read more about Dikwento Caravan here and see when it is coming to the nearest town.


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