Roxas Reunion

Wednesday, May 2, 2012 |

In the Arrival of Nelo's sister (Ate Chey) from London, the Roxas cousin's planned a once in blue moon get together.
Bulacan FTW!
Friday the 13th of April, we reached Bulacan after getting almost toasted on the road.. it is so fucking humid!!
Anyway we had a car pool courtesy of Edgar's Kuya Jon Jon, and for someone who's only been driving for 3 weeks, his road skill was superb.

We've reached Kuya Larry's beautiful home just in time for lunch, let time passed a bit, chat with each other, play ipad , iphone ,magic sing. Then we are off to the resort.
The place is great, good food, great laugh with friends and cousins and
I never knew wave pool would be so fun :)

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