Review: St Agatha Resort Bulacan

Wednesday, May 2, 2012 |

The first impression was a WOW.
Definitely Hotel-Like Entrance, Big Gate, Big driveways. Big Car Park.
The reception area is also nice, loft style, soft tones, nice ceiling crafts, good lighting.
Except that - we arrived after lunch so its dazzling hot but despite our number entering the reception, no receptionist approached us, talked to us, no recep at all.
AND - this is the worst - the AC was OFF,
it was not turned on despite the fact that we've been sitting there for almost 30 minutes. Oh well, maybe this is how
they treat you when you were a candidate for mr/ms discounted guests.
Yes, i heard we enjoyed a handful of discount. Thanks to Lyka.

The Main Hall. Nice place spacious and very ideal for events. Infact, when we arrived, tables and chairs were arranged for a wedding. The place looks grand.
The sides are different rooms, i think as we pass by to go to the resort area, ive seen a spa room, a gym, and a few others.
I was told the second floor of that hall are the suites.
As you leave the Main building, the backyard is the resort, you will be greeted by spacious wave pool,
they have resto above the artificial fishing zone, yes, you can fish, they will cook, then you pay.
There are also cottages in this area.
The Pools.There's a kiddie pool, then there's a lap pool, there are only 3 big pools in the resort.
Wavepool is the pool that gets wavy on one hour intervals, the other side of the wave pool is a bridge,
connecting to the middle island in the wave pool area where they have a jacuzzi, a very small one.

Kiddie pool is the small been shaped pool in the middle of the resort. with short fountain in the middle, this is really ideal ALSO for the older ones.
Lap pool is divided by string, the other side steeps down and is 6 feet deep while the other is 4 ft shallow.

The Playground.Basketball hoops available in the left side of resort. There's a playground, but its so on the far leftof the resort. You almost wouldn't know its there.

The rear end of the resort are just tables and cottages.
Nipa hut cottages with AC are in 2 sizes. We had the small one.

The second floor is the room, the "silong" is the toilet and shower area, and some small space for the sink and cooking.
The restroom is nice (it is small but tilework and woodwork is great) - Only if they are Clean, because as i sit on the toilet,  i can see how dirty the tiles are (including the timba and tabo). It must have been days since they last scrubbed it. Its full of lime and mildew. (Mr Muscle where are you???)
The toilet sink is dirty, they must have not cleaned it since the last occupants, the toilet bin is also dirty (yuck), the drainage covers are missing or are untangled, and are full of rusts,the heater is broken, and the water, holy shit, the water is like sea water sometimes its not clean at all!! you can tell because you wouldn't know where the sands are coming from when you cleaned them already.
Oh well, using the toilet as a misery for me.
The room was nice, double walling bamboo strips, vinyled floor. The TV is OKay, the AC is Old but yes it managed to make us comfortable in the night,but not in daytime, i think the room is just too big for the AC (and to think we are on the small room),the minifridge is useless, its not cooling at all!
The staff are nice, they serve fast when you ask then sumthing. A little bit lenient on Karaoke, we get to sing until 12am although technically karaoke should be dead by 10pm only.
Here's one weird thing, you will starve to death if you dont have food of your own during midnight.

Their restaurant is closed midnight until 8am. I find this unreasonable because its like implying you to "leave" the resort aftermidnight or dont stay at all at night if you dont have food even if you have money.
There's no store or any conviniece shop inside the resort that's gonna cater to your needs at night.
AND..You cannot use the toilet in the early morning because of mosquitoes.Yes, its like a breeding ground for mosquitoes!

Overall: Good.
Recommend :Yes.
Comment. Sanitation:Everything is clean except for the toilet.
Staff: Nice people.