Fun in the Sun with SPF110

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 |

Worried about Summer for what?

Can't bask in the Sun?
Can't go out into the Light?
Can't bear the Tan and ugly burnt skin?
Oh i think i know what you're thinking of.

These are your common worries right? Actually, we are no different! haha
Sun Burn and Blisters

Consciousness and Uneasiness under the Sun

Terrible Fashion that everyone will remember you for. For-e-vah!
If there's a way to enjoy summer without going thru all these would you get it? 



 Hell YES?

Hell Yes! Don't stop the fun just because you are afraid of the SUN. There's a way to protect your skin without having to worry about ugly sunburn, or skin cancer on the longer run. Your friends are treating you out to the Beach, Join! Your colleagues are arranging a hike this weekend, by all means say Yes!
Oh don't be grumpy, enjoy your life while you are young and reap the blessings of Summer! It only comes once in a year so pack your bags, bring your sexy bikinis, tankinis and trunks, hook on your favorite sunglasses, and apply SPF110 lotion. You are good to go hit the beach without worries!

???? Wait, did i say SPF110? Oh Yes! i did say 110! I was just as shocked as you were. You see, I've always had faith with my SPF50, but there's something in the market now that's double the protection. So why settle for SPF50 when you can get SPF110?

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Preview : This is how SPF110 with AvotriPlex formula protects your skin :
Proctection from UVB Rays
Protection from UVA Rays
Protection from UVA/UVB Rays

Enjoy the rest of the Summer. SEE THIS TO LEARN MORE :)