comes the Tapusan, everybody in the subdivision is busy thinking of new ideas to brighten up the feast. Banderitas are already in place, with my cousin joining the parade as Reyna Elena (whoah haha) i thought of collecting ideas from the net. I have here random pictures grabbed from google.  These are just ideas or basis for my Santacruzan preparation.

I hope i could share my own SantaCruzan experience with my own fancy pictures of smiles and colorful flowers, i had a chance to be Reyna Elana once, I will never ever forget how beautiful i felt inside my aunt's Wedding Gown. You heard me, i wore someone else's wedding gown.. But to my defense, i really dont have much option, i was pulled from the line up in the last minute, and dont have a very beutiful getup to begin with. Nowadays, whenever i get the chance to prepare for someone during Tapusan, i really give my time because the festival can either leave you a very remarkable memory or a disastrous experience.

These are my inspirations in making Arko or Floats from the cheapest to the posh..

Disclaimer : no intended rights on the photo grabbed from google.

Sampaguita and White Flowers. The Simplest and yet the most elegant sampaguita, Very Filipino, matching with a gown of the same color or shade.

Styrofoam. Can be easily painted with nice designs provided you've got nice artist around. Very lightweight,very ideal for the parade since it entails walking.
Paper flowers, colored boards, artificial plants, bamboo are alternatives to make up for fresh plants, they are cheaper and dont discolor so fast. They are not as elegant as the Fresh ones but they make good floats specially if nicely arranged.

Live flowers are the simplest and the most elegant of all
Lace and cloth often gives nice flowing accent to any float or arch ussually adds volume but softens the feel.
Native materials are always a plus specially for those institutions promoting the environment.
Sasa leave, Abaniko, fresh cut or dried flowers, stems, banig are commonly used for adornment.
Archs on wheels are often an option. This is good if the participant to the parade cannot walk, in the Philippines there are different variations, the most common is the pedicab adorned with papel de hapon specially there are also floats, wheeled platforms etc.

Umbrellas designed to match the gowns are handy for walking under the sun, sometimes, no more arko of float is necessary as other use a sash.

May is Ending therefore if you are schooling this year, this is for you.
The coming school year (SY 2013) will start on June 4, 2013 and will end on March 22, 2013.

This will then include the 180 days to be used for non-negotiable teacher-pupils/students contact time and the five days In-Service Training (INSET) break and parent-teacher conference, he said.

Private schools, may deviate from the School Calendar, as long as they will not start their classes earlier than June 4, 2012 and not later than the last day of August, this year, as provided in Republic Act (RA) No. 7797 entitled “An Act to Lengthen the School Calendar from 200 Days to Not More Than Two Hundred Twenty-Two (220) Class Days.”

Schools may also observe national and local celebrations/activities and holidays, provided that the total number of school days is maintained and make-up classes shall be conducted to compensate for the school days spent for such activities.

Meanwhile, Secretary Luistro, per DepEd Order No. 26, series of 2012, has issued the following guidelines for the schools to conduct in preparation for the opening of classes for SY 2012-2013: early registration of pupils/students in the schools where they wish to study held last Jan. 29; and National Schools Maintenance Week (Brigada Eskwela) on May 21-26, to enable the community and the school to prepared their facilities and In-Service Training (INSET) activities to be held a week before the opening of classes.

Likewise, as part of the opening rites, all schools are expected to conduct a general assembly for the purpose of orienting stakeholders on the curriculum and co-curricular programs and ancillary services lined-up for the year in support of learner development and continuous improvement of school outcomes.

For the secondary level, the general orientation shall include a career exposure program for the first- to third-year students to acquaint them with the various career pathways, which they wish to pursue.

For the fourth-year students, schools are encouraged to conduct Career Guidance Program in preparation for the careers or courses they prefer to pursue after high school.

On the other hand, the school year will be divided into four quarters: 52 days each for the 1st and 2nd quarters and 50 days and 46 days, for the 3rd and 4th quarters, respectively.

A mid-term break will be observed at the end of the 2nd quarter to appraise individual-teachers and their collective performance, and on this basis, conduct INSET activities, in support of continuing professional development.

Christmas break, as indicated in the school calendar, will begin on December 22, Saturday, and classes will resume on January 3, 2013, Monday.

Summer classes will begin on April 15, 2013, and ends on May 27, 2013, which is the last day for the final examination.

It shall consist of a three-hour daily sessions per subject area from Monday to Saturday for 36 days, exclusive of May 1, which is a legal holiday. (PIA-10 Mis. Occ.)

By the Way, Done shopping for School Supplies? Click here if you need a checklist.
Don't you know that you can get discounted products from DTI's Diskwento Caravan? They visits different areas, Click HERE to find out when it is Coming to your town.

Have fun !!

The new American Idol is Phillip Phillips.
This has been announced a few minutes ago.

Trying out Diablo3

Monday, May 21, 2012 |

17th May, My friend bought an original set of Diablo3 and much to my delight he gave me a guest pass - Yay!
I was so happy because i've been hearing promising things from different sources, and i told myself many times that i will play this game, how can i resist? I was addicted to Diablo back in the old times.

So.. Its my first time playing Diablo again after a decade, this time diablo is online, I never played WoW before so i wouldn't know that i need to register for a battlenet account to play.

Newbie Guide to Diablo3

  1. Create a Battlenet Account
  2. After Registration, Select the game you want to play, Select Diablo3
  3. In the Guest Pass portion, write you Guess Key
  4. Launch your game (assuming you have installed already, If you have Problems with videocard SEE below..)
  5. Login with your battlenet username and password
  6. Your account is now accessible and you can create a character.
Diablo III Starter Edition and Guest Pass Specifics

  • You can only Play up to ACTI
  • After killing King Leoric, you will no longer be given any quests therefore you cannot go further any maps.
  • Global Play is not an option, meaning you cannot see other people just like how you do with other Online RPG.
  • You can form a party maximum of 4 characters, one player must form a party and announce it so others can join. You can only party with other guest pass users.
  • No Access to auction house
  • Level 13 Cap

Upgrading to Full version of Diablo III?
  1. Log into Account Management
  2. Select Diablo III Starter Edition from the Game Account list
  3. Once the page opens, you will see your upgrade options on the right-hand side.

Video Card problem Fix For Diablo 3
When launching Diablo3 and encountered an error about your video card driver try :

  • When you receive the error message “this video card is not supported”, press ESC instead of clicking “OK” to dismiss the window and launch the game anyway. 
  • If this fails, adding “-launch” to the command line launches the game without the game launcher. So right-click the Diablo 3 icon and get to “Properties”. Go to the Target field and add -launch to whatever you see there, example:  “C:\Diablo III\Diablo III.exe” -launch
(EDIT - Added Information) - If it still launches the Launcher and not directly starts the game, Just hit Play, then wait for the “this video card is not supported”, press ESC instead of clicking “OK” to dismiss the window and launch the game anyway.
  • Once the game has started once, exit it. Go to your Documents folder (libraries/documents/diablo III) and there will be a Diablo III directory there with a file “D3Prefs”. Open it with Notepad
  • Change the following settings: 
    • DisableTrilinearFiltering “1? (from 0 to 1) 
    • HardwareClass “1? (from 0 to 1 as well)
 Start the game again and it should work!
Of course, you’ll probably need to lower your resolution and graphics settings in order to get a decent frame rate.

  • If it still launches the Launcher and not directly starts the game, Just hit Play, then wait for the “this video card is not supported”, press ESC instead of clicking “OK” to dismiss the window and launch the game anyway.
The Solutions here solved my problem so now im a happy girl :) thanks to  this thread                  

Here are the screenies taken by me the heroine i made is a wizard but i tried looking first at all the classes and their appearances


DTI's Diskwento Caravan

Friday, May 18, 2012 |

The Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI) flagship project Diskwento Caravan will be going to key cities across the country this 15 May onwards, with school supplies and basic goods available at deeply discounted prices.

Dubbed as Diskwento Caravan: Balik Eskwela edition, this one-day sale aims to ease the consumers’ burden of rising prices of basic necessities and prime commodities as well as school supplies, with the start of classes just a few weeks away.

A variety of products will be available at Diskwento Caravan, including school supplies, school uniforms, kid’s leather shoes and school bags, canned goods, processed meat, bread, cooking oil and detergent soaps. Micro, small, and medium enterprise (MSME) Corner will feature local products made by MSMEs.

Other government agencies will join the Diskwento Caravan to offer frontline services such as the TESDA for free haircut, National Statistics Office (NSO), National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), and Social Security System (SSS).

DTI invites all consumers to buy at Diskwento Caravan to get big discounts and save more money this upcoming start of classes. Diskwento Caravan will be available in the following cities starting 15 May 2012.

Region Venue Contact Person
NCR Quezon City Hall ARD Ferdie Manfoste/ Rowena San Jose
NCR Cuneta Astrodome, Pasay City ARD Manfoste/ Vivien Alarcado
CAR Baguio Convention Center RD Myrna Pablo
1 Bagsakan Center, Agoo, La Union RD Florante Leal
2 St. Peter Metropolitan Cathedral Grounds, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan RD Esperanza Banares
3 Balanga Plaza, Balanga City, Bataan PD Yay Lasam
4-B Romblon, Romblon PD Rodolfo Mariposque
9 Plaza Pershing, Zamboanga City PD Engr. Rolando Acuna
10 Iligan City PD Ermedio Abang
13 Wing-on Quick Mart Parking Lot, Langihan Butuan City OIC Gay Tidalgo
Other Diskwento Caravans will be conducted in the following dates:

Date                          Region          Venue                                                                               
16-20 May 4-B Romblon, Romblon
17-18 May 4-A Antipolo City, Rizal
17-18 May 8 Ormoc City, Leyte 
18 May NCR Plaza de Borja, Pateros City
18-19 May 3 Baler Plaza, Baler, Aurora
18-19 May 5 Naga City, Camarines Sur 
22 May 11 Digos City, Davao del Sur
27 May 4-A Bay, Los Baños City, Laguna
28 May 11 Davao City 
28-29 May 4-A Capitol Grounds, Sta. Cruz, Laguna
29 May 8 Tacloban City

Collected Pictures from the recent and Past Diskwento Caravans



Its nearly June, which means one thing, who wouldn't know? Apart from June being the Bridal month, It is also the most popular month to Students, simply because, School starts in June here in the Philippines.

Oh i can still remember how excited i was when its time to shop for school supplies. Schooldays are happy memories for me, so as preparing for school. Dont you know how much time i took wrapping my notebooks with plastic covers?I was so anal about how my notebook will end up looking after the process so I do it precisely , elaborately and artistically (dang) ha-ha.

MY Guidelines in Notebooks Preparation
(1) I start with picking the notebook, i dont like overly thin pages, im buying notebook not onion skin or papel-de-hapon hello! Most of the Time i buy,  notebooks with more pages, hoping it would last a year.
(2) I'd select one with nice linear guides inside and tidy, if i dont have budget, getting a smooth paged notebook is lucky, otherwise, i'd settle with the not-so-papersand-like one.I think notebooks should look good even before you use it because when you start writing on it, its gets really ugly. Come on, who writes by hand perfectly?
(3) I try to pick a nice covered one, or atleast a set of the same thing. Example, i'd get a set with Disney characters on it,same style, same color, they may not have the exact same covers but atleast- They look Sponsored. Yes thats how i should put it haha.
(4) I started buying spring notes when i was in 3rd Grade, so i pick a nice color yarn or string, or if budget permits, a ribbon, I remove the spring, and saw thru the holes, i will try to align loose leaf in place together as much as i can such that even if the holes dont align, it still comes together nicely.
(5) On some occassions when i can only afford cheap notes, i collect nice pictures from magazines and use it on top of the cover, make nice cut out letters for the subjectname or print out from the computer.
(6) Lastly, I write my last name on the sides of the notebook. M-E-N-D-O-Z-A. Caps and striking telling everyone, This isn't yours so handsoff haha.

Why do new things smell so nice? Like the eraser? I think something is wrong with me being very addicted to cute, really really nice smelling erasers, i cant get enough sniffing the eraser! And why do they have to make such uverly cute erasers like this?..faints..
Yummy Erasers!

Nuff babbling, If you cant get to buy a new eraser, just use the old one because 90 percent of the time, even the cutest erasers just gets discarded once they loose their shape and smell. If you wanna remove those lead dust, try scrubbing your eraser to a really coarse sand paper until the real color comes, butofcourse, needless say, dont overdo it because you will end up consuming the entire thing to (whats the english term for libag?) dirt (an understatement ugh)

Looking forward to new color pens, pastels, and water colors

The basics. This is what your teacher will ask you 90 percent of the time on your first day!
Glue, Pastes or anything of that kind are like extras to school bag but its good to have them around when you need them. But honestly based on experience only. A few students really buy these things, why? because my seatmates always ask to borrow mine! Always. It's not likely true that they will borrow it right? Can

i possibly say "Hey neighbor when are you going to return my paste that you stuck in between your two papers?" . There's a way to make your own paste, make a

lot and store it,bring a small amount to school when you need it. Dont ask from your neighbor too often because it will be annoying to sit beside you, most of all, dont ever think of picking your nose or sticking out tounge for a personal touch. That's just too retarded.

1. heat the water in a bowl, maybe a cup will do.
2. while heating the water, on a different bowl dissolve the starch on a small amount of water.(Again.. Small amount of water) Basically the water you will

use to dissolve it will add up the the water you are boiling.
3. Once the starch is dissolved, and the water you are heating starts to boil, set fire tothe lowest.
4. carefully, slowly, pour the starch mixture into the boiling water. (again, carefully and slowly) not in one go okay? because when you do, you will make

areally ugly crumple piece / pieces in there. you wouldn't like it because its a waste. So just faithfully do it slowly, while pouring the solution, stir it

slowly, like, melting the solution into the boiling water slowly.
5. Stop Puring if you think that the solution is too thick already, you can tell by the feel of the stirring, it will get more volume and mass as you put

more starch solution. It shouldn't be drippy too.
6. Once everything is there, stir it a little, just let it sit for a bit until you see no more "solid white" but only transparent, or translucent. Then shut the

fire off.
7. Let it cool. Dont ever ever try to test how cool it is already by dipping your fingers in because you will regret it. Paste solution is thick,it doesn't

cool so easily.

Scissors, Rulers, Protractors, Compass, triangle Just like glues and pastes, its not very essential, but having one around is a comfort specially if you are taking subject like drafting, physics, trigo, art or even home economics. Its quite hard to borrow these from your neigbor because unlike pastes these aren't really cheap and can last for years.

Ballpoint Pens, Sharpener, Wooden Pencils, and the magical pencil case. I have no specifics with the pens, as long as it writes nicely.I have stopped using wooden pencils and just settled for Refillable Lead Pens. I think its cheaper and cleaner to use, plus idont have tobring sharpener all the time. But ofcourse you can't ask a kid to bring mechanical pencils right? Its just too pointy for them, or their neighbors harhar. Wooden Pencils come with Sharpeners, try to get one with a container so the pencil shreddings dont get loose and youcan dump them somewhere else.

MailBags, Strollers, KnapSacks. I cannot say anything about bags for it goes with whats in and whats comfortable.

School uniform. Socks, School Shoes. With these 3,I believe in quality. So i'd rather buy an expensive one, but durable, id rather use just one pair of shoes for many years that change shoes each and every month. You see, the clothes you wear, the shoes your on, it says so much about your personality.

Have you bought your school supplies already?

Planning togo to Divisoria? What if its too far? Or too inconvinient? Here's good news to parents and students alike, DTI has an ongoing programme called Diskwento Caravan:  this one-day sale aims to ease the consumers’ burden of rising prices of basic necessities and prime commodities as well as school supplies.

Read more about Dikwento Caravan here and see when it is coming to the nearest town.

Fun in the Sun with SPF110

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 |

Worried about Summer for what?

Can't bask in the Sun?
Can't go out into the Light?
Can't bear the Tan and ugly burnt skin?
Oh i think i know what you're thinking of.

These are your common worries right? Actually, we are no different! haha
Sun Burn and Blisters

Consciousness and Uneasiness under the Sun

Terrible Fashion that everyone will remember you for. For-e-vah!
If there's a way to enjoy summer without going thru all these would you get it? 



 Hell YES?

Hell Yes! Don't stop the fun just because you are afraid of the SUN. There's a way to protect your skin without having to worry about ugly sunburn, or skin cancer on the longer run. Your friends are treating you out to the Beach, Join! Your colleagues are arranging a hike this weekend, by all means say Yes!
Oh don't be grumpy, enjoy your life while you are young and reap the blessings of Summer! It only comes once in a year so pack your bags, bring your sexy bikinis, tankinis and trunks, hook on your favorite sunglasses, and apply SPF110 lotion. You are good to go hit the beach without worries!

???? Wait, did i say SPF110? Oh Yes! i did say 110! I was just as shocked as you were. You see, I've always had faith with my SPF50, but there's something in the market now that's double the protection. So why settle for SPF50 when you can get SPF110?

Click HERE to know more Have Fun!!

Preview : This is how SPF110 with AvotriPlex formula protects your skin :
Proctection from UVB Rays
Protection from UVA Rays
Protection from UVA/UVB Rays

Enjoy the rest of the Summer. SEE THIS TO LEARN MORE :)