April 30 Not a Holiday for PH

Friday, April 27, 2012 |

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May 1st is Labor day, a legal holiday Yey, but it fell on a Tuesday, for most holidays falling Tuesday or Thursday, the adjacent day sandwiched in between the Holiday and the weekend are either declare a special holiday or the Holiday being moved and as such.. However, for this coming labor day, Malacañang has no declaration yet. It's already Friday. The fact that Monday is 30th, meaning 'payday' and the declaration still not up till now most likely means that its a NO. Better luck next holiday hehehe :) (Because if its a YES, they should have declared yesterday or a few days prior in preparation for the advance employee payroll)
 Oh well.. We can't have everything that we desire in life, this is just minor so lets look at the bright side :)