Warm then Cold Water Good for Skin

Saturday, December 10, 2011 |

In bathing and washing, I've always believed that warm water do me good.
Since i moved to Singapore, which is equally a tropical country like the Philippines, I've learned that bathing and washing in warm water is not only relaxing but also beneficial to my skin. Not only until i returned home to the Philippines and lived back here long that i realized .. I might be wrong.
Not counting tomorrow's future trip to salon, i've had 3 hair spa's already in the last 2 months. Not that hair spa is a pain at all nor too expensive to have, but its the dryness and the stiffness that i cant take. Whenever i look at how my hair falls dull, i feel miserable. I have many physical imperfections, but if i can help it, oh God please, not the hair, and certainly, not the skin.

Deepwell. The bathing water i used in the Philippines is not centralized nor it is the same in Singapores 'cleaned' whatsoever. It a deepwell. and the water most likely is impure, yes we have filtration, and yes, we've had the most number of pipes installed all the way down. But to no avail, the water still suck, whenever i bathe, i feel like getting minerals on my skin, minerals just like how an iron or aluminum smell? or how coarse the metal shavings are when on water. I had my work around. I am basically blaming the water for my poor skin and hair. It went on for months and me trying to get the best filter i could to install in the bathroom faucet.
And so i realized, its not the water. Or its not the water,only.
What were my regimen back in Singapore? i should consider those right?
Lots of fruits. In Singapore i dont eat much chips, but lots of fruits, longgan and grapes.
Less fried chicken, Backin Singapore i've opted out from Old Changkee Friend Chicken Wings on my first 2 months and decided to remove it from my vocabulary on the third month. Its just soo not healthy (but trust me they are heaven yummy, mybf love them so much too)
Occassional Vitamin E facial. Well i do this on my own, there are vitamin E capsules, i prick it and apply it to my face, normally every other week when i feel my skin is really stressed.
Shampoo and Conditioner. I actually use the same brand. Panteen Soft and Silky.
Soap. I can go about using any kind of soap, but im fond of papaya soaps, i think it makes my skin fairer. However i often get bored using the same scent of soap soexpiriment all the time, specially for body soap. For facial soap, itend to stick to whatever makes me feel better and gives me result.
Moisturizer. Not a fan but im keeping a few types, Nivea and Olay. I apply only when i feel like it. Im so not into the greasy feel. I use moisturizer only when my facial skin feels dry and the air is causing it, ahmm just like how it feels during Christmas season.

I tried to do and practice what i've been doing before and still without luck im doomed to a parlor visit in the next 24 hours. But why? Why can't i get the same result?
I this regard, i made a research on the internet and found out - i was really mistaken.

Dry skin and hair. Because i bathe with warm water every morning. Only warm, i dont even rinse in cold or tap temp water, that explains it. i've been so inlove with warm water only to realize its the one possibly causing it. On the other hand, the differencethat i missed to remember was, i had a bathroom heater in Singapore (and have only kettle wonder here.crap). When i bathe, i adjust the water, to warm, then cold, then warmer, then colder, i finish my bathing with a really hot (most i can tolerate and i can tolerate a lot, max on my heater), then i apply whatever i need to apply oil, lotion, moisturizer,toner (im so moody with lotions or the greasy things) then i step inside the airconditioned room with enough cold level to trap the moisture and heat inside my skin. I change to my office clothes and walk to office.. Oh yes, another point.. i never take a bus or train to the office, i only walk, no pollution. Whereas here,i travel 1 hour to work, then i walk 15 mins after the bus in a street filled of cars and people on a rush hour. So thats the trick that made my skin and hair really nice when i was in Singapore.

My photo when i was in SG (a yr ago)