The Threats Coming

Friday, October 7, 2011 |

Dear Readers,
Okay this is morbid but i frankly tell you, this chain of posts may be able to help me after i am gone or anybody relevant to me or my father, for that matter..
How so? let me begin with a story.

A child(dsm) was born on 3rd june from a semi - spanish father(dm) and a cebuana mother(cv). child became boy and yet still to young and unfortunate, but both parents were earlier separated. the father was a womanizer and had another child (dms) with another woman(n), but also never settled instead found another woman(luz).(and who knows if there are any other women in between). the mother(cv) found herself a good man (rt) and settled a new family, with (rt) she raised 4 more kids (rt,ot,ct,st) now all grown up wives. the boy became a man, married a woman 31 years ago, raised their family with 2 daughters beautiful daughters. the man is my father, and of course i'm one of the daughter, i mean beautiful daughter. ha-ha.

I had a vague memory of my grandfather, but i know he was existent in our lives when i was younger. I was born in Pasig, we lived there for roughly 4 or 5 years, those were the first few years of my life, before we moved to Mindoro. I remember how my grandfather looks like, he's a mestizo, he had sunburnt most of the time, when i was still a kid, he was very macho. Oh he's a playboy afterall, how can he look dull? He would visit us once in a while and bring me a lot of Popsicles with monggo or buko. I remember him hugging me, and the scent of beer coming from his breath mixed with his strong masculine perfume is something i cannot forget. I was 4.

I grew up pretty fast. But i grew at the thought that my grandfather abandoned my dad. He was left at such an early age, during those years that broken families were not a trend and single parents were not an acceptable social status. Many years ago, lolo mestiso died,but the death of my grandfather is something that sadden me only bec i knew how my dad felt. He was abandoned, but never was an orphan to his dad, but now he is. Well, Blood is thick, as the saying goes.

Now.. many years after his death, my father has begun a journey in looking for some assets left to him and his mother. He has been working on getting documents and evidences many months ago. he has consulted lawyers.

Setting : a portion of the property left by my grandfather (conjugal property of lolo and lola) has been sold despite the HOLD ORDER to release title and or sell..
the property was sold to rom(ds) wife of ant(ds) daughter of an "alleged (DL)" (BLK).. the property being conjugal, and the hold being in place, my grand mother and father filed a case to adverse claim.

BLK is a known person in Marikina, he is rich and powerful. This is the start of the threat. to deal with a person like this may not exactly be the best move. My father have long known about this, since we don't have any means to pay a trusted lawyer before, he gave up hope in claiming his rights over the properties left by my grandfather.

Last Monday October 03, he went to San Mateo to file the case.
(Everything Beyond this will be in Tagalog)
Ang bilis nga naman ng usad ng impormasyon para sa mayayaman (at makapangyarihan) ano? Imaginin mo.. hindi pa tapos magfile ng kaso ang papa ko sa munisipyo, pero eto ang kinakasuhan.. tinatawagan na ang abogado ng papa ko.. ibig sabihin?? may tao ang mayamang DL na si BLK sa munisipyo?? hindi naman nakakapagtaka.. ikaw na ang maging 'makapangyarihan' at 'Alleged' DL. Alleged kasi hindi sakin nanggaling yan at wala akong basehan, pero galing yan sa paniniwala ng karamihan!
So nakipagkita si BLK sa abogado ni papa na si Atty Agui at nagkausap sila doon, well hindi daw magandang usapan ang nilabasan, dahil bastos daw kausap si BLK..(Mahinahon na tao c Atty Agui at ang kanyang mga proyekto ay para sa mahihirap).. Kahit noon pa, ayaw na sana ni Papa na habulin ang parte ng lupa na nabenta kay BLK, delikado daw kasi, pero ngayun, nagbago ang isip nya, gusto nya kasing mapakinabangan ang mga naiwan sa kanya ng kanyang ama. para naman guminhawa ang buhay namin. Ang sabi ni BLK, alam daw ng kapatid ni papa ang tungkol dito, at eversince, alam daw ni tita (dms) and pagbebenta ng lupa sa kanya.. Kung totoo ito, mabuti pa ang anak sa labas ano? may napakinabangan na..Subalit, nasa America c tita (dms) kaya sinulatan sya ng papa ko thru email, naka cc po ako at kapatid ko ang nagtype. Sa email ipinaalam ni papa kay tita (dms) na nagfile sila ng kaso at sinabi ni BLK na alam nya ang mga transactions ng bentahan ng lupa.Kahapon ang email(october 6)
Ngayun, wala pang reply si tita (dms)

Nakakatakot talaga, dahil indi namin alam ang iniisip gawin ni BLK, diba nga 'alleged DL' sya?? Napakaraming pwedeng gawin ng isang taong mapera at 'alleged DL'.. Kung totoo ang 'allegations' tungkol kay BLK, ipinagdarasal konalang na sana, ilayo sa disgrasya si Papa, sana maging patas ang batas, sana maging patas si BLK. Masamang pumatay ng tao!

Ngayun october 07 2011, tatawag c papa sa court para alamin from the clerk kung tapos na ung document na kelngan nitong itype dahil dadalhin un ni papa sa RD ng Marikina, ipapaannotate daw ung certificate..

Sana maging okay ang lahat..

(Somewhere in this blog u will find what those Symbols mean) for security and confidentiality purposes i will not be able to publicly give out names and identities. this is a personal blog, however this is also publicly accessible)


Anonymous said...

Pia: ate because of this case, i started praying everynight na ulit. hays. sana maging ok ang lahat. sana pasukin ni God ang puso ni BLK para hindi siya gumawa ng masamang bagay. Mayaman naman na siya, sana ibigay na lang niya kay papa yung kay papa naman talaga.

Maureen said...

sana nga..