Gamja! Gamja! Garlic Potato

Sunday, September 25, 2011 |

While waiting for my BF to fetch me,I strolled at the basement of Robinson's Galleria in search for a nice finger food. I thought of going for donuts or potato corner but before i reach their booths, i found this new shop located just exactly right infront of the Supermarket.
It smelled very enticing so i told myself why not give it a try :)

Gamja! Gamja!

Gamja is a Korean term for 'potato'. It is derived from the Korean side dish called Gamja Jarim. However despite being Korean in Nature, Gamja!Gamja! is not too spicy, there's a slight kick and due to it having garlic, but its just very mild, it is very calming. Gamja Gamja's taste is adjusted to Filipino taste not being too spicy, a little sweet and flavorful due to the combination of corn syrup, and a little bit salty due to the soy sauce.. Its a little bit sticky but the potatoes are also a little bit crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside.(in my opinion it is nicer to include the peel)

they also come in nice packaging container with holes on top.
saves u from the mess

Gamja!Gamja! is available in three different sizes: Potpot- PhP39, Jaja PhP49 and Garlee size PhP59.

Heres a little sample recipe


2 potatoes, peeled and cut (not too big)
onion, sliced
1 tbsp red pepper paste
1 tsp red chili powder(optional)
2 cloves of garlic, crushed (adjust amt depends on your love for garlic)
1 carrot thinly sliced (optional)
1 tsp soy sauce
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp corn syrup or honey
sesame seeds for garnish

Cooking Instructions:
  1. Stir fry the potatoes and onions in oil. Its nicer when its browned and a little crispy on the corners
  2. Add the pepper paste, chili powder, garlic, soy sauce, sugar, corn syrup, and a little water.
  3. Cover and turn down the heat.
  4. Cook until the potatoes are tender.
  5. Serve with sesame seeds and carrot as garnish.

I miss Celestia Luna

Saturday, September 24, 2011 |

Did I mentioned from an old post that i am currently playing an online game? Well, i do.. I am playing Celestia Luna and loving it :) just recently i've been very busy with work so rather than playing, i just rest as soon as i get home. I thought of sharing my Celestia Luna experience so here are a few pictures.

I used to play a different game (rpg) but i quitted when i moved to Singapore. During the stressful days,i really long to be home, however i can't. Philippines is too far to often travel back and forth, not only that, its also quite costly to be coming home so often. I know i needed a new environment so i could enjoy time and detress. I asked my bf to look for an onlinegame since i dont want to go back playing rose or reviving other online games,after being gone too long i'm sure it would be very hard to go back to a long playing rpg. I wanted something new but something free, something fast paced but is definitely not something thats item mall centered at all. Just a balance gaming where hardwork pays off. We tried Celestia Luna, and we loved it.


This is my First Character, She is a Grand Master, wearing her typical gypsy
set, a smart worm, +13 athena hammer and her brand new Industrialist Hair that
makes her look like Tasartia. Lazy, i stopped levelling her after reaching a
good level. Quite a failure in path i took with her, very hard to solo, good aoe
but very slow cooltime. She stayed on my account, iuse her to shop, go around
the game and deal with buyers and seller. Was never deleted ans never will be
for she bears my name.


These two bunny babes are my vendors. Sometimes i use both but normally i use
the yellow hair as i only vend on 1 char most of the time.. on a normal day my
shop contains crafted gems, crafted weapons like Dominator and Death Maker,
sometimes we also sell heaps of glasses and hats from Lucky 4th box bec it is
available from the item mall for only 10GP. In our unfortunate luck for getting
a pair of Hegemonic Rainbow, we ended up with tons of trashes that normallygoes
dragged outside and destroyed while the others with descent stats gets sold at a
cheaper price.


My main char shopping around the town of Nera at channel 1.At the moment, vending in Celstia Luna is concentrated on one map only and only first 3 channel out of the many is enabled to putting up a shop.
PVP IN CELESTIA LUNA: PvP comes in between me and my bf after (1)change job (2)reset (3)new gears (4)bored


My BF and I on our PVP, just testing my damage after getting my new BWL suit
from donation.

Lets Begin!

this is me on my Sword Master winning over my BF whos a Magnus


Now im dead :(


Now its a Draw


But still I won !!Yey!!

Whenever we make characters ingame, we always make a pair, we always make it a
point that the pair have a good team. This is my Assasin and this is my BFs
Warrior. My Assasin has stayed lvl 80 and ihave since then kept her at that
level for farming. She is stationed at Makas spot and changes channel to channel
when we are farming. This is one way i earn my money ingame. I farm..Faithfully


GrandMaster ans Paladin.
Our First Few days in Celestia Luna. When my BF crafted our first pair of
wedding dresses.


Assasin and Gladiator


My Inquirer and my BFs Soul Arbiter.


My Cardinal and BF's Paladin


My SwordMaster and BF's Magnus


My Assasin and Lower Boss Farmer.


My SM and Naila Harbor Farmer


My Second Main. My Cardinal. Since i was getting bored and bored playing with
myGrand Master myBF and i decided to make me a new char and since im quite
fascinated with Mages, plus the fact that most of mygears were for mage, we
decided to make me a Cardinal. I enjoyed every level playing with this cardinal.
She can solo, She is fast, great damage, high def, great buffs.


My Third Main. My Inquirer. Almost as nice as the cardinal, great deal damager
and awsome buffs too.


My Fourth Main. My SwordMaster. Definitely my only char that is not a mage
but he most i enjoyed amongst all my chars. Imba skills, capable of soloing,
great in PvP. This char is also my Naila Harbor Farmer.


my cardinal on her farming set and on her levelling set

my archer in the making :)



My Makas farmer as she takes her rounds


My SM and BFs Magnus as we take turns farming the 3 bosses in one region,
this area of the map has 3 bosses adjacent to each other.
Other Spots : We also farm in the
Gate of Alker for Powder and in Naila Harbor for Ingot

Lets go on a Date! This is the dating Dungeon of Celestia Luna, at the moment,
only characters with opposite genders can date each other (i dont know if they
will make changes in the future for same sex dating) Dating dungeon rooms are
divided in terms of level. It is a place where exp is so much higher and
monstersdefense are so much lower. Easy kill and easy EXP.





Hehehe. the photos below are taken after my bf and icompleted item mall sets for
all of our first 4 chars (at that time we onlyhave 2 chars each). Ofcourse i
wont miss it for another pictorial. We even made the chars danced together but
end up with this. not synced but definitely not any lesser cute.







The two pictured below are my entries to one of the contest in Celestia Luna
Forums for DressUp your Character. I draw the dresses thru adobe Photoshop (just
a beginner kekeke) unfortunately i did not win, there are some other concepts
that are nicer, also i should have made a pair to show also how the guy costume
would look like.

My Sailor Inspired Sexy Babes




Well I said i am playing but i did notmentioned im living ingame so, i did not
join a single clan

in Celestia Luna instead my bf and I made a guild and put all our characters in there

so it is easy to communicate with each other even if using a diffrent char.

We created so many chars our guild points eventually enough to level the guild
to Grade 3.

Win an IPAD with Trend Micro Pilipinas

Sunday, September 11, 2011 |

I just bumped into a website with a promotion about a free IPAD so i thought of signing up and trying, after all it is free and just very quick. Trend Micro is building up their fansite and this promotion will really help bring more "likes" to their page. JOIN THIS CONTEST

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  • *However, an Internal Referral Contest is open for TrendLabs PH employees only. Employees from other BUs are not included.
  • Contest period is between 19th August 2011 - 16th September 2011, Pilipinas time.
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  • You will need to come down to our office in Pilipinas to collect the prize should you win.
  • The contest rules, terms and conditions may be changed due to unforeseen situations.
  • Contestants found cheating (creating many shell Facebook accounts to take part in the contest) will be disqualified immediately.
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Im Playing Luna

Saturday, September 10, 2011 |

Hi guys!
All work and no play makes Maumau a dull girl yeah? so i just wanna let u know that i am still online in some other game aside from Rose. Don't get me wrong I still love Rose :) Its just that a lot of things have changed now since i left.

I am playing Celestia Luna. A private server for Luna Online that will never ever become a Plus. That's a good thing. I believe and held on to that promise from the staff and owner of this Private server.

My Character in Celestia Luna. She's a Cardinal


There is nothing more popular as a Christmas decoration in the Philippines than the Star Lantern locally known as Parol (Pah-rroll). All through out the Christmas Season, star shaped lanterns can be found hanging outside their homes and along side streets. Parol making in the Philippines starts as early as 3 months before Christmas.

History of Parol

The earliest parols were traditionally made from simple materials like bamboo sticks, Japanese rice paper, crepe paper, and a candle or coconut oil-lamp for illumination; although the present day parol can take many different shapes and forms. Around Manila, parols made of Capiz shell or plastic illuminate the city.

One of the most spectacular innovations can be found in the city of San Fernando where 20 foot tall parols with kaleidoscopic blinking lights are paraded through the streets on truck beds. Whatever the material or shape, the parol is a recognizable symbol to all Filipinos and represents the star ofBethlehem that guided the Three Wise Men to the manger of the newly-born Jesus Christ.

The word parol comes from the Spanish word for lantern, farol. According to World Book's Christmas in the Philippines, the roots of the parol can be found in the Mexican piñata.

The piñata came to Spain from Italy in the 1300's, spread to Mexico and finally came to the Philippines when the Spaniards brought Christianity to the islands. The book A Child's Pasko: Christmas in the Philippines explains that the parol was originally used to light the way to church to attend the daily Misas de Aguinaldo, or Gift Masses, which begin on the 16th of December, and ends with the Misa de Gallo, or "Mass of the Rooster" at midnight of Christmas eve. The midnight mass is followed by a usuallylavish meal at home, which is always anticipated by the kids. The first Misa de Aguinaldo that is held at dawn on December 16th marks the official start of the Christmas season.

MyParol, AsianArtMuseum

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Christmas in the Philippines 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011 |

Just as I predicted! Facebook posts flooded by Pinoys as soon as the calendar stroke 1st of September. It is not the holidays just yet, but the initial entry of the "BER months" means only one thing; Count down starts to Christmas in the Philippines. Despite being a poor and economically behind country in Asia, Filipinos are proud to proclaim their Christmas celebration to be the longest and merriest in the world. Although they start preparing when the BER months enter, The Christmas Season begins formally on December 16 with attendance at the first of nine pre-dawn or early morning masses and continues on nonstop until the first Sunday of January, Feast of the Three Kings, the official end of the season.. As i have experienced being abroad during Christmas (for years), believe me, nothing compares to Christmas in the Philippines. This is one of the best times to be home in Pinas.

Unlike other countries, who can experience white Christmas, there is no snow in the Philippines. There are very few pine trees. There is no traditional Yule log or fetching of the pine sprigs from the woods. And Santa Claus, though visible in displays and believed by most Filipino children to exist, seldom comes bearing gifts. Nonetheless, there is no doubt its Christmas in the Philippines.

Filipinos love to adorn their homes with different decorations embodying the Christmas Spirit. From Christmas Trees of different styles to lanterns, Wreaths, Ribbons, Christmas lights, and the traditional Parol.

The Filipino Christmas Tradition

It is a Must for families to get together on Christmas. The most important season of the year must be spent with the ones you love. Children are to visit the homes of their grandparents and kiss their hands or bow to them, in the Philippines it is referred to as "Pagmamano" .. Families and friends see each other, enjoy a nice conversation with each other over a bountiful lunch or dinner and exchange gifts.

Filipino Traditions on Christmas includes the following:
  • Simbang Gabi
  • Noche Buena
  • Puto Bumbong and Bibingka
  • Parol
  • Filipino Christmas Songs and Carole

Pasko Na Naman

Pasko na naman, o kay tulin ng araw.
Paskong nagdaan, tila ba kung kelan lang.
Ngayon ay Pasko, dapat pasalamatan.
Ngayon ay Pasko, tayo ay mag-awitan.
Pasko, Pasko, Pasko na namang muli,
Pasko, Pasko, Pasko na namang muli!
Ang pag-ibig naghahari!

Pasko na Sinta Ko

Pasko na sinta ko
Hanap-hanap kita
Bakit nagtatampo't
Nilisan ako

Kung mawawala ka,
Sa piling ko sinta,
Paano ang Pasko
Inulila mo?
Sayang sinta,
Ang sinumpaan
At pagtitinginan tunay.
Nais mo bang kalimutang ganap
Ang ating suyuan at galak?

Kung mawawala ka,
Sa piling ko sinta,
Paano ang Paskong
Alay ko sa iyo?

Kay Sigla ng Gabi

Kay sigla ng gabi, ang lahat ay kay saya!
Nagluto ang Ate ng manok na tinola,
Sa bahay ng Kuya ay mayroong litsonan pa!
Ang lahat ay may handang iba't-iba.
Tayo na giliw, magsalo na tayo!
Meron na tayong tinapay at keso.
Di ba Noche Buena sa gabing ito,
At bukas ay araw ng Pasko!

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