Book 1: Red Pyramid (Kane Chronicles)

Thursday, June 30, 2011 |

Behold !! My idol Rick Riordan's Kane Chronicles debut its first book called Red Pyramid.
This is a story of 2 ordinary siblings a girl and a boy whose lives are turned on the eve of Christmas. They learned that they are special children, strongest of their kind. Read the first book of the Series to know more about them and their journeys as they try to win a battle that holds the destiny of the world. (That's so Rick Riordan huh.. End-of-the-world-in-a-few-days-and-kids-saving-the-day). For those who loved Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series, this is more like it except that Kane chronicles is based on Egyptian Gods and Goddesses not Greek. A little bit of Roman mythology mentioned herein to give emphasis to the eras of Egypt as they were conquered by Romans and been colonized for many centuries.
This Novel is very very rich in Egyptian culture, worth reading and may possibly keep up with Percy Jackson and the Olympians in time.


Portugal said...

Greek or Egyptian mythology, Rick Riordan does not disappoint. Like the Olympians series, this series switches points of view between brother and sister, giving you a well rounded story. However, the story is told like you are listening to a audio recording. As a audiobook this is probably really cool and I would buy into the premise. As a book, it's a little off putting. You can easily get past this though. They rarely draw attention to this device, except when they switch narrators and the occasional aside.

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