Book 1: Red Pyramid (Kane Chronicles)

Thursday, June 30, 2011 |

Behold !! My idol Rick Riordan's Kane Chronicles debut its first book called Red Pyramid.
This is a story of 2 ordinary siblings a girl and a boy whose lives are turned on the eve of Christmas. They learned that they are special children, strongest of their kind. Read the first book of the Series to know more about them and their journeys as they try to win a battle that holds the destiny of the world. (That's so Rick Riordan huh.. End-of-the-world-in-a-few-days-and-kids-saving-the-day). For those who loved Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series, this is more like it except that Kane chronicles is based on Egyptian Gods and Goddesses not Greek. A little bit of Roman mythology mentioned herein to give emphasis to the eras of Egypt as they were conquered by Romans and been colonized for many centuries.
This Novel is very very rich in Egyptian culture, worth reading and may possibly keep up with Percy Jackson and the Olympians in time.

Book 1 : The Lost Hero (The Heroes of Olympus)

Monday, June 20, 2011 |

The Lost Hero is a 2010 fantasy-adventure novel written by Rick Riordan and based on "Greek and Roman mythology". It is the first book in the series The Heroes of Olympus, the next series about Camp Half-Blood. It was preceded by the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series, which focused solely on Greek mythology. The Lost Hero was released on October 12, 2010.

Jason is a boy who suffers from amnesia. He wakes up on a school bus not remembering anything from his past, including anything about who he is. He is sitting next to Piper McLean, a girl who appears to be his girlfriend, and a boy, Leo Valdez, who says he is Jason's best friend. The bus is taking them, along with the rest of their grade at their school, the Wilderness School, on a field trip to the Grand Canyon. While they are there, storm spirits, or venti, attack the three. Their supervising teacher, Coach Gleeson Hedge, reveals himself to be a satyr, and helps fights the venti. Jason surprises himself by using a sword disguised as a coin to fight off the spirits, and Coach Hedge is captured while defending them. At the height of the battle, two pegasi land next to them carrying strangers: Annabeth and a boy named Butch with a rainbow tattoo; he is a son of Iris. Annabeth is angry because she had a vision that she would find a clue to her missing boyfriend, Percy Jackson, at the Grand Canyon. She was told to look for the "boy with the missing shoe"; Jason lost a shoe in the battle, but has no memories of his own identity, let alone Percy Jackson's whereabouts. Jason, Piper and Leo are informed that they are demigods (children of a god and a mortal) and are taken back to Camp Half-Blood where they meet other demigod children like themselves. There, Leo is revealed as a son of Hephaestus, Piper as a daughter of Aphrodite, and Jason as a son of Zeus and the brother of Thalia. He remembers his sister while seeing a picture of her in Cabin One. After scarcely 24 hours of learning about their previously hidden identities, the three receive an urgent quest to rescue Hera, queen of the gods, who was captured by unnamed forces.
The three friends set off on the back of a giant robotic dragon, Festus (which in Latin means "happy") on a cross-country quest to save Hera and Piper's fathaer from the clutches of Enceladus. Their enemies are under orders from Gaea to reawaken her and overthrow the Olympian gods by pulling up- destroying- their original roots in Greece. On their way, Jason, Piper and Leo meet Boreas the North Wind (who lives in the Château Frontenac), a trio of cyclopes, the evil Medea, King Midas, a pack of wolves and Lycaon and the very unhelpful Lord of the Winds, Aeolus. In the end the heroes and their friends, the Hunters of Artemis, manage to save both Piper's father and Hera, whose godly life force was being used to raise the giant Porphyrion. They temporarily stall Gaea's plans, but they were unable to completely destroy the ancient beings, and will have to face them again. With part of his memory returned, Jason realizes that he is a hero from a Roman counterpart to Camp Half-Blood somewhere near Long Island, NY, and that Hera has switched him with the Greek hero Percy Jackson, who is now at the Roman camp with no memory of his life at Camp Half-Blood. Both Jason and Percy had to let the Greek and Roman camps know of each others' existence, so the Roman and Greek demigods must unite to provide the prophesied group of seven heroes who will defeat the giants along with the gods. Jason, Piper, Leo, and Annabeth have to find the Roman camp and convince them to help.

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Miley Cyrus Live in Manila Philippines 2011

Friday, June 10, 2011 |

Good new to the fans of Miley like Myself :)

She is coming to the Philippines, her only stop in Asia and we must be proud because she will definitely grace us with good music. I would love to hear her sing my favorite inspirational song "The Climb" and other songs she sang in her movies. Party Philippines yeah:))

Here's the Detail of the Concert

Concert Title : Corazon Gitano Tour
When : 17 June 2011 @ 8:00PM
Where : Mall Of Asia Concert Grounds

Ticket Prices

VIP – P 7,640 (Reserved Seating)
GOLD A – P 4,670 (Reserved Seating)
GOLD B – P 4,670 (Free Seating)
SILVER – P 3,500 (Free Seating)
BRONZE – P 1,844 (Standing)
GEN AD – P 650 (Standing)

When: June 17, 2011
Where: SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds

Call Futuretainment Inc. at 577-3265, TicketWorld at 891-9999 or SM Tickets at 470-2222 for more information and ticket reservations.

See you there :))
Disclaimer : Miley Cyrus Concert Poster is property of Ticketworld.Ph

Rainy Season Philippines 2011

Wednesday, June 8, 2011 |

Bring out your umbrellas everyone!
( and don't steal my cat's umbrella ) just kidding its just so cute i drool.

It's been long overdue yeah. Since summer started late and took quite longer to end. But summer had it blast so bye bye beach for now as we brace for the coming of the Wet Season.

“Rain, rain go away, come again another day”
As kids we normally asks the rain to stop specially if its taking too long and pouring down too much. It kinda gets in a way with some planned things or so.
Well rainy season is up expect what it brings along. Storms, floods, skin diseases, diarrhea, power outages, and gloomy days. Apparently one of the only reason why everyone enjoys this season is that its an excuse itself to slack. Feels good be under the sheets whilst the rain is pouring outside. Dvd marathon and hot chocolate.. While dreaming of freshly cooked macaroni or steaming rice soup..

My comfort food for the rainy seasons

Well enough of gloomy day dreaming.. I was browsing the web and thought of sharing what i found out.

Typhoon Names for Philippines From Year 2005 to 2016

Auxiliarry List ( After the list is finished then they use this )


The weather's been all but cocky since 5am today, gushing winds blowing on and off and really frightening. However i heard no news about a tropical storm to hit Philippines or what but according to news there's a low Pressure area somewhere in Mindoro, under strict observation by Pagasa bec it may turn fully into a storm anytime..ohha #ImFeelingLikeNewscaster..

To get the latest weather forecast logon to PAGASA 24-HOUR PUBLIC WEATHER FORECAST

Thats all for now :)

Can Glasses in McDonald's Philippines

Friday, June 3, 2011 |

Coca-Cola is 125 yrs old now. This brings something good. Free Can Glasses from McDonalds (well ofcourse, when you buy a meal) Here in the Philippines i believe its a few Pesos after some Meal..
Oh Can Glasses!! So cute lah!!!
I've been waiting for this soon as i heard its out in Malaysia.
Argghhh ! sometimes im just a sucker in collection :)

Coca-Cola, the world's largest beverage company, and McDonalds Corp, have once again collaborated to bring excitement to consumers in Asia- Pacific by offering a series of coloured Coca-Cola can glasses. Coca- Cola Fans will be able to collect the can glasses in six colours (Green, Pink, Lime, Purple, Blue, Charcoal) at McDonald'ds Restaurant. The said can glasses was initially released in the Gulf area somewhat 2009 and was available only in two colors. Green and White. The release was indeed a success.

Coca-Cola is excited to offer once again these glasses in celebration of Coca-Cola's 125th anniversary. McDonalds which has been partner with Coca-Cola since 1955 is offering consumers for a limited time to collect six colors of the can glasses collection.
The glasses will be available in 13 markets namely, Singapore, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Hongkong, Macau, Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan, Tahiti, Fiji and New Caledonia.

The can glasses will be available in the McDonald'ds Philippines come JULY 2011

Dang. Not joking :) Really

It is really unlimited and its indeed a good news yeah?

I've been using photobucket long before i had a facebook account. I find it a good place to host my pictures for my blogs and forums. I also have the Photobucket App on my iphone, i find it really handy to upload the pictures there so i can use it later for blogging.

Free users get all of the following :
  • Unlimited photo storage
  • There will be a limit of 500 videos for free users
  • All storage for free users will be resized (we will not keep originals)
  • Bandwidth restrictions will remain at 10GB/month for free users

Now’s the time to sign up for an account with Photobucket and upload all your photos and videos to share with family and friends!

Disclaimer : Photobucket reserves the right to limit excess use and unlimited storage offer pertains to non-commercial use only.

Goodbye Friendster

Wednesday, June 1, 2011 |

Friendster was my very first social network site as far as i could remember. And sadly today, 31st May is its last day.

News had it, and Friendster made an announcement as well that they will be shifting from social networking site to a social entertainment site which will focus on gaming and music. The accounts are unchanged and still existing. However, all the photos, messages, comments, testimonials, shoutouts, blogs, forums and groups that the users may have now will no longer be part of the account by May 31, 2011. However due to public requests and demand and possibly to market the new Friendster Content to existing users, they have extended the Exporting Tool until 27th June.

An exporting tool is provided to back-up the information of the user account.
This tool has an ability to export photos to Flickr and Multiply.

How to export photos?

To export your photos:

1. Login to your Friendster Account
2. Install the Friendster Exporter Application (
3. Once installed, open the app and select the option to export photos.
4. Select which site you'd want to export your photos to
5. Select the photo album/s you'd want to export - All albums, whether public or private, can be exported.
6. Authorize the export - You'll be asked to login to the site that you chose, so make sure that you're ready for this.
7. Wait for the export to be completed – You will get a notification email when the export is ready. If the export is still "pending", it means the export is still in-process and not yet ready. There's no problem here. If it is more than 48 hours and it is still pending, please email

To find your exported photos in Multiply:
- Login to your Multiply account at
- Click "Media Locker" tab and go to "Photos".

To check your exported photos in Flickr:
- Login to your Flickr account at
- Click "Your Photostream" link.

Note: Friendster will process your request but not real time, they will send you a confirmation via email that the (Zip) file of your profile is ready for download..

If you don't want to gamble on your precious memories lost and wants to be sure you have them safe before the time runs out, You can logon to Friendster and download the photos one by one.. Or you can follow the steps below to download the files to your computer and have it posted somewhere else in the internet.

1. Open in Mozilla Firefox browser
2. Login using your username and password
3. Click Photos tab
4. You need to do this per album, so open the first album you want to save
5. Then click on the first photo on the album
6. In the menu bar of the browser, click Tools-->Page Info
7. On Page Info, click MEDIA tab
8. On the list of addresses, select the links which start with You can select multiple addresses by pressing CTRL button while clicking the links.
9. Click Save As
10. Select the folder where you want to save the images
11. Click Ok. Wait for the images to download.
13. Repeat the same procedure for all images
14. Once the photos have been downloaded, login to your Facebook account, myspace, multiply, or any online sites you have
15. Upload the photos using the upload feature of the site.
16. By default the downloaded file should go somewhere in your computer, it could be in the /Downloads folder.

Disclaimer : Image Quality from that of Friendster after this procedure may differ.