5 Sundays To Go

Sunday, June 20, 2010 |

Im going home. Confirmed!i have booked my flight a month ago. I miss everyone already, i miss home, my family, my house,a few friends,my boyfriend, my dog.
I got a little of something for everyone but i did not bring so much since im flying without check in but only a hand carry on i also have a laptop to take with me, 15 inches and it weighs around 5 kg?
Going home made me realize a lot of things, theres really no other place like it. However negative thoughts also dwell in me i cant help it. :(
Friends who don't even talk to me before now asking pasalubong. Should i be obliged? People around expects different things or so.. Theres only a little money i have for those extra expenses. Its also sad to realize how the people you treat "friends" will remember you only when you are coming home. "pasalubong", "libre".. Anyway enough of those..
There's only 5 Sundays left. Thats what matters <3