A new look

Wednesday, April 7, 2010 |

Easter has passed, my forgotten blog deserves some make over...

Plans.. To include a pdf viewer for my ebooks so people can read it.just recently my scribed published ebook (percy jackson 4) has been removed due to some copyright shit.i dont know why when for a fact i also got it from the web. So you guys who want to have pdf of that book just send me an email and i will send you one..

So.. As you have noticed,i have successfully incoporated pdf reader in my blog,however its a srcibd reader, i intend to leave scribd for good and put my pdfs somewhere else. As you may not know, i am an ambasadress of bookworms lol..

Right now im tapping only just to complete this post, i have so long been wanting to doblogging on the road. With an iphone, although inconvinient,but it is possible. ( + 1 point mac ) ..