My Grandfather : My Saint

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 |

Exactly 2 years ago this day was not a very happy day for me and my family. Our beloved grandfather died and left us after many years of fruitful living. My sister and I calls our grandafther 'Tatay', in Filipino its a term like Papa or Dad. We get to imitate the older people when we are younger and so following my mother, we called him Tatay.

You see, Tatay was not exactly the very cuddly cheerful granfather you could find. Infact he is very moody and very stubborn. He was the first man i knew who smoke cigarettes because he always ask me to buy one for him when i was younger. I would normally ran his errands, because when he was living and younger i always find him fierce when he shouts. But that do not stop me from being the spoilt kid to him. My parents would say that when i was a toddler, he was very fond of me, there was even a history when i bit him in his leg, but he remained to be nice and loving, anyway i was the first grandchild. That could be the reason.

People said i got my brains from him because i have always known my grandfather to be smart and intelligent. He reads a lot. He likes sports. And he is good with crafts. I am the same. He was not the perfect father , but i know his life was far worth lived than anyone else because he raised my mother.

Since Tatay died i feel rested at the thought that there is someone with me wherever i am. True that i missed those rare times i visited him when he was still alive. I also regret never giving him ample attention when he was still living. But i know tatay would understand. Even when i came back home with a broken heart and Tatay did not ask any questions, i know he understood.

Tatay is gone now, but he will live in my heart forever. I talk to him everyday i feel alone. I know he is here guiding me and giving me luck, showing me the right decisions i must do.