MRT Joyride

Friday, April 9, 2010 |

On a casual day, i prefer going to and from places on a bus because first of all if you are in Singapore, Hello?? - almost everywhere is nice to look at, there's peace and order, and all is clean and tidy. Unfortunately, if you work in a CBD like me, going by bus will take you places quite longer. There's also congested traffics in Singapore although not as much as what you can experience in Manila.

I take the joyride to MRT everyday, its no unusual thing, but today in my desperation to prevent the smelly guys, i went all the way to the front cluster. Lucky day to find all seats empty on a weekend. Yay!..

Once i saw an engineer before on that small portion between the front seat and the train hood, i think most likely its not permitted for public because its kinda looks scary. There are caution signs on all sides ( which i tell u is very common in Singapore). Curiosity had me, pretending Just as clueless as i could i glided myself till i get there. Whoa i almost did not fit lol!

I can see the tunnel from afront. and as the train started to move i cant see anything, i feel like riding a haunted mansion roller coaster. I see light once in a while as the train passes to stations. But the totallity of the ride was very scary, i can't imagine being lost in there.

Shot Take from the front facing tunnel..Its dark in there..

3 stations before my destination, i decided to go back sitting. I feel like throwing up already. I closed my eyes and tried to get my composure back bec im not feeling better. Im so giddy. I closed eyes and concentrated on leaving those stress to the tracks as the train swiftly move away. still nothing.. i feel even worst when i rose up. and i got no choice i have to get off or else the train will be going back the other far end side and i have to sit one more round trip on my way back..


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