Wuthering Heights

Friday, February 12, 2010 |

I’m not yet done but I’m more than half way through it so I don’t know if my judgment will change after im done with the entire book. Having read this far I thought of things and I have failed to capture the excitement I was expecting. Reviews mentioned this book as a great find. I don’t. Maybe its not my type of reading. The story is all but sad and dark and everything seems negative. Each character’s domineering attitude is insane and savage and brute. No one seems to provide contrast of the same degree, or maybe there’s a little, but so little its not even felt. Even the settings are harsh, all around is an atmosphere of wild and carefree and unmannered generation. I guess I maybe expecting too much or maybe I have incorrectly understood that the time this novel was written and the condition the writer had been is just the same as the story was told.

I will continue till I finish the book, I will watch the films and I will try another book same Wuthering Heights but retold by a different writer. So far I got one from Usborne, this is what I am reading now. And i have come to realize that maybe this is Usborne’s Style of writing and not that of the original writer which is Emily Bronte. I still don’t know, but I will find out eventually.