A Toa Payoh Weekend

Friday, September 18, 2009 |

Thank God its Friday!

Lol. Days passes by so fast i'm still drooling on my keyboard for a better paying job. My friend asked a girl's night out today but i refused as i was feeling lazy to go out and i just wanna do house chores. So i had the washing machine programmed to wash, rinse and spin in one go and cooked a portion of luncheon meet, heat the water for drinking and put all things in place by the living room.

In an extremely short while i was done lol and the boredom is creeping me again like a nightmare. Finally i decided to go out and do the grocery. From the flat i took a bus and went stright ahead Toa Payoh Central. Fair Price Supermart ftw.

wet section where the chickens and meat/ fish are

FairPrice is a supermarket that offers almost everything you will ever need at home, from Groceries to toiletries to household items, it even has baby corner for infant and toddler merchandises and the best thing - the fresh and frozen market ! i love it! you have everything there big and small. Payments can be made via NETS or Cash. If you would like to know their latest promotions jsut visit their website at http://www.fairprice.com.sg , not only does it serve your need in one location but you can also shop online and choose whatever you need at the comfort of your own home.

veggie section this section is filled with nothing but fresh greens and fruits

What i bought: Johnson's baby milk bath for my toiletries, Champi's wafer sticks for my snacks, spam,Marigold's no-sugar-added apple juice, Dodo's crab sticks, Tempura four, Toblerone mini bar and a bag Lay's classic salted potato chips, and FairPrice branded vegetable oil.

the soda section where tons os brands of milks, teas, etc are

I went home exhausted but happy, i'd seen so much today, only by going at FairPrice.
Luv shopping <3>