My First Day Out

Tuesday, September 15, 2009 |

Its not actually my first time left alone in a place i hadn't been before, but today was the first time i travelled planning an entire journey from home to my destination and going back home. With the aid of a few websites, travelling alone was a fun and a stress free adventure.A few clicks on the net, and dyaran!!!.. everything is set for my journey, instructions where to ride and alight and what to look for. Singapore is truly a visitor-friendly city.

My goal : To get to Funan for a pair of cheap Headsets..

My Online Guide number 1 :
SBS Transit owns 75% of the scheduled bus market share in Singapore with 250 bus services and has a total fleet of close to 3,000 buses. 96% of our buses are equipped with air-condition. Types of bus services provided include trunk services, feeder services, Express services, Townlink services, Jurong industrial services as well as special bus services like Premium, Nite Owl, Chinatown Direct, Fast Forward, Stadium Direct and Parks.

My Online Guide number 2 :

SMRT is probably the best i enjoy in Singapore,travelling underground on a train was fast and it dont each much of your time waiting at bus stops for your specific bus number. At present there are 3 lines of operation in Singapore, the Red, Green, Purple Lanes, and the one still under construction, the Yellow Lane. MRT is so efficient it covers almost all major roads and business areas.

My Online Guide number 3 :

Streetdirectory.Com is an online map of the entire city of Singapore and it works even better than google maps. using this alone you will be able to get to where you wanna go . Just select Direction from the menu at the top and it will give you the things you need will need to know. It has a menu also for car drivers, bus riders and mrt travellers or both. Zooming the map will give the details of the street, names of malls, even the shortest alleys and underground passes.

What You need to Bring :

1. EZ Link Card - All major transportation means in Singapore uses EZlink. Buy EZlink card in any MRT station, Top it up and you are ready to go, to use the EZ link card, just "tap" it on the receiver upon boarding and upon alighting MRT or the bus. Should you decide to go for cab service, there are alot different ways to pay.

2. Cash - Bring extra cash, specially 1 dollar coin because you need it to ride the bus if you dont have EZlink card. Most specially you need cash for whatelse? Shopping!

Singapore is most probably the best place to buy electronics and computer gadgets. The latest models are available on a low price and there are plenty of shops to visit. The topmost floor hosts a bigger store that has the full spectrum of gadgets.

chic isnt it? thats my favorite amongst those i saw in one store where my headset was bought, LCD as big as the telie in my house.

Any computing and PDA related item can be found in Funan IT Mall that has five floors of shops specialising to computers, both hardware and software.

Capitol. I lost my way and walked by foot because i went out to Raffles City rather then St. Andrews Cathedral Exit.

ION Orchard. On my way home. I stopped at Orchard Station for Lucky Plaza for my UFC ketchup!