Job Hunt in Singapore

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 |

A lot of Filipinos are up for working abroad . Proven true - Filipinos are everywhere. That's why even if it is dangerous and even if there's no assurance, Filipinos would often resort to taking chances. Equipped with undying hope, self belief and eternal faith in prayers, we Filipinos would never give up on a few obstacles, money, weather, health and even recession.
Singapore being an open country is one of the hot spot for Pinoy overseas job hunt. Everyday thousand of Filipinos hope to get employed before their tourist past lapses.

What to remember when hunting jobs in Singapore :)

1. Know what you're looking for.
It's a common practice amongs most employers to hire people depending on the degree they had or the line of work applicant's had been. Employers know the concept of overqualification and if they believe that their job requirement do not fit your professional experience, you will get rejected. Before you start sending your resume to some random websites, first and foremost, know your specialization.

2. Know Where to look at.
Know the sites that provides goodjob postings, a few are www. , www.,, www.,, there are also online forums that has classified ads section like It is also important to take note to grab a copy of StraitTimes an english newspaper during Wednesdays and Saturdays because those are the days when most jobs are posted.

2. Dress Up.
If you ever you get invited for an interview, come early, never ever let your interviewer wait for you. Dress properly, do not show too much skin, cleavage, knees, Singaporeans dress really freely but remember that when you are asked for an appearance, you are expected to behave and dress with utmost professionalism, to dont overdo your make up but put a little or some thats just enough to make it look like you prepared for that interview. Aside from dressing up yourself, dress up your esume too, and make sure you are equipped with knowledge about the skills they are looking for.

3. Take caution.
There are many agencies in Singapore asking you money for registration, even only on initial interview, some would ask a fee, after a few meetings you will soon find out that you are not hired and theres really no job hiring on that and you cannot refund your money. Since you are a foreigner looking for a job under a tourist pass, telling authorities will not do you much good for yourself. You will be tied up with more obligations because you are bounded by a pass for visistors only and thus should not engage with business etc, Unless ofcourse you hold a relevant employment pass which they called EPEC.

4. Pray.
This is perhaps the only thing common amongst all Filipinos looking for a better future offshore. Everyone keeps a strong faith in God for his Loving will and grace.

To All jobhunters, goodluck :)