Jacque Bermejo issue

Monday, September 28, 2009 |

Every Filipino web user must have already known about some issue that started with just a tiny comment. I must admit, i felt mad too, knowing how a fellow Pinay could make such statement. Its very disappointing.

I am in Singapore and i could tell that the whole world knows how much the Philippines suffered from the very recent tropical storm Ondoy, International news had it even here in Singapore the popularity of the storm tragedies does not go any less with the Famous Formula 1 which just ended last night.

Philippines is a know Christian country, i can still recall when i asked my housemate Jet about this "why Philippines of all places, a country barely striving, poor and economically challenged" and she said "because we are Christians, its just God's test to our faith"..

What i read in facebook just now was an exact opposite. It was like, or it sounds like that we are condemned because we are sinners. I so hate the statements she made in FB, but i reservd my thoughts to myself until i know whats true.

Some people said that she's a victim of Identity Theft, and that her FB account was a fraud, friendster account got stolen, imo, i really dont know. But i wont be like her. I wont judge so easily, as i still dont know what's true. But, i will never ever be able to accept the statements she (or her account hacker) gave. Never. Whoever wrote that is surely a Filipino, she/he must have lacked so much love in life to say that.


I am not in defense of anybody, not for Jacque, imo, but whoever you are that wrote that statement, its so damn easy to find you. Everything in the internet leaves tracks, from where you logged from where and what IP u are when u made that statement.

To my fellow Filipinos, lets leave this for now. Theres so much to do after a day of tragedy. In Real life, for those that suffered bec of Ondoy, for those who truly needs your attention. >> Offline.

To Jacque /or Jacques hacker : God knows ..