Hari Raya at Sentosa

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 |

Its Monday and Its a holiday.

Hari Raya. :)

I am home finally after a day out of fun, i am (again) facing the laptop for some bits and bytes and to check on emails and friends and families. Hows everyone doing?
Great :)

We had a perfect weather here in Singapore, its sunny and cloudy at the same time, a little drizzling from yesterday that made the air so much cooler. A perfect day to go out and destress :) and so we did.. Sentosa.., although very short because a housemate is leaving for Cebu later.


vivo city and the sentosa monorail pass
tile wonderland onthe way to merlion park
.. big merlion.
.luge and skyride :) fun fun fun.
. the line to skyride wee :)
me and nervs on the skyride, i fear heights and i cant look down
but a camn whore that i am.. i cant resists a shot lol

smile at sentosa

What is Hari Raya ?
After a whole month of fasting, the Muslim community in Malaysia celebrates ‘Hari Raya' with joyous family gatherings and open houses. Join in the merry-making and taste the delicious traditional Malay favourites such as rendang and ketupat.

What a day i had today :O so cool, and to end my day i was able to chat with my friend Apai who is a Malaysian and he said that he still would go out because he's still has the hari raya spirit kekeke, they go houses and eat, and its sooo fun.

I had a good day too :)