Google Turns 11

Sunday, September 27, 2009 |

Everyday. Yeah. Everyday in my life i open goggle websearch atleast once. Today after opening my imeem and facebook, i finally paused on my 3rd window and thought about what to open next, but in a shirt glimpse i thought i have mistakenly seen a mispelled google eh. 'Goog11e'. Well its too bad to be true so dang i opened another browser and see fo myself. its really "Goog11e"

Apparently its not a mispelling its not even "2 Ls" its the number 11..

Taken from google blogs .."

Google celebrates 11th birthday with a Doodle! has a new doodle today and it highlights the point that Google is now 11 years old.

The logo of the Google spells Goog11e today to celebrate the event.

Here is the image if you are not seeing it at your place.

Google celebrates 11th birthday with a Doodle!
Google’s 11th Birthday

11 years is a long time. Some of us may have kids younger than that. Google is still perceived as a young company compared to their rivals like Yahoo and Microsoft.

However, they have had an interesting and very impressive journey in these 11 years.

We wish them well!


Happy Birthday Google :) hurray hurray :))