Formula 1 in Singapore

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FAQ on Formula 1 Singapore

General Enquiries

1. What provisions if any, are you making for wheelchair bound patrons?

Wheelchair accessible platforms will be erected at Empress Place, next to Stamford Grandstand and Pit Grandstand. There will be toilet facilities nearby. Should you
require assistance, please call at +65 6738 6738 prior to race days or approach any of our Singapore GP staff at the circuit park.

2. Is there a dress code?

The dress code is comfortable and casual. Patrons, especially those with walkabout tickets are advised to wear comfortable footwear.

3. Am I allowed to re-enter the Circuit Park?

You may re-enter the Circuit Park via the gates specified on your tickets. Please ensure that your tickets are scanned before exiting the Circuit Park in order to gain unimpeded re-entry.

4. What is the minimum age for spectators?

SGP strongly advises that children under the age of seven (7) should not attend the FORMULA 1 SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX for safety and operational reasons. Children below the age of seven (7) will only be admitted if the parent/guardian signs a letter of undertaking to indemnify SGPPL from any liability arising from their decision to bring children under the age of seven (7). This letter can be obtained from or our ticketing counters at the Circuit Park.

5. Is smoking allowed in the premises?

Smoking is ONLY allowed at the designated smoking areas.

6. Is photo taking allowed inside or during the race?

Only photos intended for personal (amateur) use are allowed. Images (including sound and video) cannot be used for professional, commercial or personal gain without the explicit consent of FOM and/or FOA. The Promoter reserves the right to remove any photographic or video equipment at any time.

7. What sort of merchandise is available for purchase?

A series of merchandise will be displayed online at once they are made available. Purchases can be made at the merchandising booths within the Circuit Park. Major credit cards (including Amex), cash and NETS are acceptable for this purpose.

8. What are the exact locations of entry gates?

Please see the map on our website for locations of the gates indicated on your ticket.

9. Can you tell me how to get to my grandstand?

Information is available at

10. How do I get a detailed programme of the race? What time will the circuit park open?

Please see race schedule information at The Circuit Park will be open to patrons from 3pm to 12 midnight.

11. How can spectators enter the circuit park?

As a street circuit, there will inevitably be a high volume of traffic around the Circuit Park. It is highly recommended that you use public transport. Plan your route to the gate nearest your grandstand carefully, whether you are travelling by MRT, shuttle bus, or taxi. The recommended gate is stated on the back of your ticket. Please allow plenty of time to get to and from the Marina Bay Street Circuit.

Once inside the circuit park, large maps will show the location of your grandstand. However, Information booths are located within the vicinity of every gate where you could obtain a copy of the circuit park map. For exact details on buses and MRT trains to the circuit park please refer to "Getting to the Grandstands" on our website.

12. Can I bring my own food & drinks into the Circuit Park?

Food and drinks cannot be brought into the Circuit Park. You may purchase food and drinks from any of the numerous food stalls in the Circuit Park.

13. What types of food is available and who are the vendors in the various zones?

A wide choice of food consisting of international and local fare will be available to our patrons.

14. Can you give us details of your entertainment plan?

We have an extensive entertainment plan consisting of a wide spectrum of local as well as international acts from around the world. Chaka Khan, Backstreet Boys, Travis and Youssou N'Dour will perform alongside large-scale theatre acts and top DJs. Please refer to full entertainment schedule on
15. Will there be Mega screens to watch all the racing action?

Mega screens will be placed at strategic areas throughout the circuit park.

16. Are there any items that are prohibited within the Circuit Park?

Due to tight security and safety concerns necessary for such an event, the following items are prohibited within the Circuit Park:

Animals (except service animals e.g. seeing eye dogs & police dogs), any item that could be used as a weapon, bicycles, scooters, skateboards and rollerblades/skates, cans, chairs/stools, food coolers & hampers, fireworks, Frisbees and helium balloons, glass (including bottles), outside food and drink, large flags, musical instruments and/or amplification equipment, prams and strollers, unauthorized advertising material or flyers, laser pointers, distress signals, whistles or loud hailers, dangerous goods and any other item prohibited by legislation.

The items listed above are not exhaustive and a list of all prohibited items will be placed at the entrance to the Circuit Park and/or areas designated by SGPPL.

17. Will there be security screening?

For reasons of security and safety, SGPPL reserves the right, and will exercise its discretion to refuse suitcases, bags and/or other objects from being brought in to the Circuit Park (or into any area under the control of SGPPL) whether before, during or after the Race; and to inspect any bag or other item which any person wishes to bring in to or remove from the Circuit Park, whether before, during or after the Race.

Race Course

Ticketing Enquiries

Can I just buy a single day pass? When can I do so?

All the Single Day Passes available for Walkabout tickets are now sold out. Only three-day Season Passes are currently available for grandstands. Please call the Ticketing Hotline 67386738 or visit our website for regular ticket updates.

What is included in the ticket price published on the website?

All ticket prices are inclusive of the prevailing rate of Goods & Services Tax but
exclude the S$2.80 processing fee and the S$10 courier charge.

My tickets were purchased online. What if I cannot collect my tickets personally?

You may appoint someone else to collect on your behalf. Please present Letter of Authorization. Please click here to view.

I found another website selling 2009 FORMULA 1™ SingTel Singapore Grand Prix tickets - is it authentic?

Consumers should exercise due diligence when purchasing their tickets by ensuring they are buying from an authorised agent. A list of authorised agents is available on Never buy tickets from a website or company that is not listed.

I saw a lower price on another website. Are the tickets valid?

For a full listing of authorized sales channels please refer to If you see lower prices these tickets may be counterfeit or unauthorised. Tickets sold by Singapore GP and their authorised resellers are never discounted. Any tickets obtained from unauthorised sources shall be void.

Are the tickets transferable?

Three-day tickets are transferable on different race days. Three different people may use the three-day ticket on three separate days. However tickets cannot be used by more than one person on the same day.

May I choose seats from the seating plans within a grandstand? If not, why?

You may choose your preferred grandstand and block but not the individual seats within that grandstand. The computerised ticketing system allocates seats on a best available basis at the time of purchase. This means, that when you buy the tickets, you will get the best seats available at that point of time.

When is the latest that I will receive my tickets?

As it is now less than 7 days to the race, tickets must be self-collected from the Ticketing Office located on ground floor of Suntec Convention Centre from Monday 21st Sept to 27th Sep 2009.

How do I get to Suntec Convention Centre to collect my tickets?

Please visit for directions to Suntec Convention Centre. Our collection centre is located on the ground floor concourse.

Can I collect my tickets from the Ticket Box Office outside the Circuit Park Gates?

No, tickets can only be collected from our Collection Centre at Suntec Convention Centre from Monday 21st to Sunday 27th September 2009. Please see (9) above for directions to Suntec Convention Centre.

Will you be offering concession tickets for youths and seniors as you did last year?

Instead of limiting the availability of concessionary tickets to a small group of people, for 2009 we have offered lower prices in most categories in our early bird release, with savings of about 7% to 17% compared with last year’s prices. In fact, at S$28, we have introduced our lowest price ever this year for the Friday Single-Day Walkabout Pass.

Will I be able to see the race clearly, without any obstruction, with my walkabout tickets?

Spectators in the walkabout areas can in some cases get closer to the cars than the spectators in grandstand seats, as walkabout spectators are standing about 3 or 4 metres away from the edge of the track.

The concrete and triple guardrail that makes up the lower portion of the barrier is only a metre tall. The rest of the protection consists of a steel wire mesh fence that you can see through clearly.

To ensure that spectators get a great view of the race, there will be a number of bleachers located along some of the prime trackside viewing locations around the walkabout areas. However we cannot guarantee completely unobstructed views from all locations due the nature of a street circuit.

Where can I buy tickets?

During the week of race, tickets will be on sale at the following locations:

(i) From Monday 21st to Sunday 27th Sept 2009, 9am to 10pm at Suntec Convention Centre Ground Floor

(ii) From Friday 25th to Sunday 27th Sept 2009, 2pm to 10pm at the Ticket Box Office outside Circuit Park Gates 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7.

Please note that a number of ticket categories are sold out. Check the website or call 67386738 for information on ticket availability.

Is there a limit to how many tickets I can purchase?

Each person can buy up to 4 single-day Walkabout passes per transaction. This is to ensure that the race is available to as wide an audience as possible. The rest of the Grandstands seats, as well as Walkabout Season passes, are capped at 10 tickets per transaction.

What if there is heavy rain during the race? Will I get a refund?

In the event of inclement weather on any or all of the days of the race, the event organiser shall have the sole and absolute discretion to delay the race for that day, and if necessary, to cancel the race. The race may resume on the same day after such delay. Refunds will not be offered due to cancellation that is for reasons beyond the event organiser's control.

Are the Grandstands Covered?

All Grandstands are non-weatherproof and open to the elements. Patrons are advised to bring suitable clothing for protection from the weather. Singapore GP ponchos (that are bundled with earplugs) are available for sale at the merchandising booths for only SGD$2. Profits on the sale will be donated to charity.

I did not receive my tickets within the dates specified in the email confirmation. What should I do?

If you have not collected your tickets on the designated dates from SingPost, you would have received several email notification and reminders advising you of ticket collection details. Please visit the Ticketing Office at Suntec Convention Centre Ground Floor from Monday 21st to Sunday 27th Sept 2009.

I have lost/misplaced my tickets. How can I get a replacement?

You must report loss of your ticket at any of the police posts. Then present the Police Report to our staff at the Ticket Box Offices at the Circuit Park. The tickets will only be replaced if you are able to show proof of ownership as well as advise us of the unique ticket serial numbers found at the bottom of the barcode. There will be a replacement fee of $20 per ticket payable before tickets are re-issued.

Getting to the Race (Transport and Security Information)

1. Where can I park my car so that it is convenient to get to my grandstand?

Patrons are strongly advised to take public transport to avoid delays and traffic congestion and leave your cars at home. Please visit the LTA website at for road closure information.

2. What time will the race finish? Will there be public transport after that?

The opening hours of the circuit park are from 3pm to 12.30am on all three days of the race. MRT trains and shuttle buses will operate from 2.30pm to 1.00 am on all three days of the race weekend. Please refer to for full details on transport and directions to your grandstand.

3. Where is the nearest MRT station to the circuit park?

Please visit for full details on transport and directions to your grandstand.

4. Will there be a free shuttle bus to the venue?

Please refer to for full details on transport and directions to your grandstand
Formula 1 Race Schedule

Thursday 24th September
Formula One Press Conference - Press Room 18:00

Friday 25th September
Formula BMW Pacific
Practice Session 15:00 - 15:25
Aston Martin Practice Session 15:50 - 16:20
Formula BMW Pacific Qualifying Session 16:45 - 17:10
Formula One Friday Practice 1 18:00 - 19:30
Porsche Carrera Cup Practice Session 20:00 - 20:30
Formula One Friday Practice 2 21:30 - 23:00
Formula One Press Conference - Press Room 23:15

Saturday 26th September
Aston Martin
Qualifying Session 15:45 - 16:15
Formula BMW First Race (10 Laps or 25 Mins) 16:45 - 17:15
Porsche Carrera Cup Asia Qualifying Session 17:45 - 18:15
Formula One Saturday Practice 19:00 - 20:00
Formula One Qualifying 22:00

Sunday 27th September
Aston Martin Asia Cup Race (10 Laps or 25 Mins) 15:30 - 16:00
Formula BMW Second Race (10 Laps or 25 Mins) 16:30 - 17:00
Porsche Carrera Cup Asia Race (12 Laps or 30 Mins) 17:30 - 18:05
Formula One Drivers' Track Parade 18:30
Formula One Race 20:00

Note: Please be advised that this timetable is subject to change.
for more updated data please visit