Back in STI

Wednesday, September 9, 2009 |

I went to the school yesterday, and earlier today, and i so miss the old feeling the old scent of papers and the faculty room where i use to stay, the halls where i use to look around, and meet with everyone, the cashiers office the computer lab, the admin's quarters, i so miss the old days.. I tried to go inside the deans office because i was looking for few things that will forever remind me how much fun i had as a student there.. my trophies...
As i climb up the magical stairs (which had a change of carpet take note..) a lot of things had changed, no greetings, no jokes, no comments from students. People pass me by with weird looks in their eyes, probably asking Who i was.
As i step on its ground, i changed into somebody i was 9 years back, i felt the joy and pride of being here, i felt the excitement and the challenge of each day and i felt the relief of each passing yesterdays.
I entered the admins office to finally do what i was there for, i expressed my intentions for my visit, and with so much confidence i introduced myself, Hi, I am Maureen Mendoza, 2001 Alumni BScompSci, and a former faculty.