Goodbye Cory

Sunday, August 2, 2009 |

Cory C. Aquino

Maria Corazon Conjuangco Aquino. President of the Philippines. The woman in yellow
that bravely gathered a nation to stand up and fight a regime of dictatorship. The woman so adored by many people not just in one country but the entire world. The mother of the oppressed who brought hope and changes to the lives of many Filipino people. An epitome of a leader, honest, considerate and God-fearing. The mother of Filipino Democracy..Cory ..

July 30, 2009 I went home late night, or should I say early morning, I swear I have made up my mind that I will start writing in my blog again. I thought of writing something about something else, this time not about myself, but just like those blogs that advertise and all. However, that was not my style in blogging. When I write, I put my whole heart to my topic, I only write what I know, what I experience, what I believe and what I hope.

So, writting a blog about Tie a Yellow Ribbon was rather pre empted only in my thoughts. I don’t know how to begin something I only know so little of. So next morning I researched. Amazing. It was extremely amazing how much information are available online. Google the phrase tie a yellow ribbon for Cory, or google the name Cory alone and it will pull up tons of sites. The support of the people is overwhelming. Different blogs changed colors in support for her immediate recovery. Suddenly I realize how beautiful the color yellow is. And just like Red which means love. Because of Cory. To me Yellow should mean Compassion.

Once again Cory brought a nation together, political opponents prayed together, the rich and the poor vigiled in one harmony. There was peace. Everyone was praying for a miracle. To aid in the illness of a woman who had been a great mother, wife and a leader.
Cory a woman of valor inspired many people to cling to the Lord at all times. The love of God will always pour mercy upon those who ask for it, theres no discrimination, all is fair in life or death.

Aug 1, 2009 1:00am, I wrote a draft about how im going to write my “tie a yellow ribbon” version in my blog and I slept in joy because I was able to do something else aside from writing about myself and gaming. I was touched by those online prayers I read and those supports I have seen online. I woke up very early to have this typed in my PC but news had it. Cory passed away already. I was late.

I did not continue typing that article anymore, I stayed on the TV for a little bit more. Theres an evident atmosphere of loneliness in all the stations. But that was expected. After all Cory was not an ordinary woman. She was a mother of a nation with an extraordinary virtue. Her death proved even more that no matter how much differences we have as individuals, we can be united together by one man..or Rather.. one Woman.

Cory. We will miss you .