FarmTown FTW

Friday, August 21, 2009 |

I got caught, unbelievable but true.

I have long been a member of face book but rarely do I open my account. I was never too much fond of social networking sites, I only had friendster to keep in touch with old friends that I might see or might find me there. I also am not very much comfortable blogging with friendster. I keep my pictures in Multiply only because it is much easier to share it there. I mostly write my thoughts in this blog. I cant even remember when I first opened my facebook account, but I know I have one since well, I cant remember! Hehehe, but things changed drastically, facebook had me online for 4 straight hours without flipping a page. For one main reason.. FAARM TOWNNNN! rawrrrr!

Im crazy. Yeah I know... I hated flash games with so many loopholes and bugs and all and whose graphics are not well satisfactory. I find those click and drag games so lame and so not into my standard of online games. I had a little background in Programming and when im in game I always think of how programmers did things, timings, algorithms, randomness, and I always try to find the misses, after all theres no bug-proof program. All games are imperfect like how their designers are.Humans!

But.. farmtown had me..and even if there are so much bugs and glitches I still love it. I think that facebook won so many visits per day because of those games they embed in their site. What's really nice is that the games are interactive and you get to play with your friends in facebook. Those are people you really know. Facebook employs different applications and surveys which many people finds interesting. I myself maintains an online game MMORPG so I could enjoy some time with my boyfriend, chatting, chilling, playing. Chatting in YM alone is tiresome, without the webcams and all, I find it a little boring. I know there are yahoo games too, but facebook applications gave the comfort of playing and multi chatting at the same time. I also know there a tons of networking games in facebook and I receive so much invites in one day. People play different games, people have different interests. But I love only one game for now. And that is FarmTown.

What is FarmTown?

It’s a chic game for people who don’t have the luxury of time to be on every now and then. You begin as a noob with a little lot and a few money. You plant seeds and wait for them to grow, you harvest and sell those to the market. You earn revenue. Just like any other games you have experience points, it grows and you become a level higher. Each level gained will also grants you different kinds of seeds you can plant. Seeds grow ripe into a plant atleast 2 hours to max of four days and you get to choose your neighbors which are taken from the pool of your facebook friends. To earn more money and experience you can work for other farms either as harvester (which gives you money) or plower (which gives you exp and a little money too). As you level up you can design your farm according to your desire. But you need money to buy things from the market. Seeds, flowers, trees, buildings, path, fences, all has a price. You can even upgrade your lot to a much bigger size.

SweetHeart Ranch

Pardon Me. I could not come up with a better name yet. I would love to use SweetHeart in its name but i done Like using Farm or Farmland as i find it redundant. Just my personal note there. No offense to others *hands up* ..

I laid low a bit since I have reached already level 27, this is a break point for me, since lvl 27 grants planting pepper already and purchasing river segments from the market.. I intend to plant only 2 days seeds now, I don’t have to be on every two hours harvesting raspberries anymore. Afterall, facebook isn’t all I do online. Evenso, I am still addicted to this game and I have so much plans on how im going to arrange my farm later on when I have enough money to buy what I want. I drawn my dream farm and it should have 2 barns, 2 farm houses, 2 lodge and 2 mansions whoah hahahaha..i want it to look like an English Village with a big plantation and I will plant only peppers and pineapples.

But.. since i bought so much after hitting 27 i started to level more and now i am 30ish.. I have already (almost) finished most of the design, except for 2 things ..1.stone paths..2. the mansion ..wahaha..

My Farm :)