Bux.To is Real

Thursday, August 27, 2009 |

Many have asked me..
"Is it real ? " ....
" Does it Pay ? " .....

And I have the same answer.

I know because it worked for me already, another one to comebut i wanna make a $100 before i withdraw it, i think it will be more useful, in no time it will be a hundred! wahehehe :)

look here amount paid..

it goes here to alertpay, its just like paypal i can send it to my bank account anytime.

So, who says its a hoax? Blehhhh

What yah waiting for ? SIGN UP now... and ooops.. you want a little secret? Its not all about signing up peeps. you need to help your self after signing up, click it everyday and earn money, thats the key to getting real BUX ! :) . Now go get your own BUX and after clicking SURF, try checking your stats. Didn't i tell you you will earn just by clicking? Oh my..Am i right? How much you got? Hehehe ..