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Tuesday, May 5, 2009 |

April 10th. It was a sunny Good Friday when i received a message i have already been expecting a long time ago. My characters got banned from the game and i know exactly why. I should say, leaving the game did not hurt this time because there is someone making me much more happier, but thanks to the game, because that's where i found him..

I started playing RoseOnline when i was still in good terms with my first boyfriend , back then game bacame our past time and bonding session, when i lost my job, game became my obsession, during the rocky times of my first relationship, my characters became my inspirations, in times of financial needs, zulie became my salvation. RoseOnline became a really great part of my life, i started living inside the game specially when i moved out of my parents house and lived with someone. Those agonizing years i was able to overcome because i get to talk to people ingame, those that i met and becase real friends with me, real-life friends.

Somewhere in cyberspace i've written a dedication for my first character when the Phil Server closed. http://mauieghurl.blog.friendster.com/2007/07/farewell-prose/ ..So this part is only reserved to my character/s in AruaRose, a private server Roseonline i have so loved.

Hira's first clan : Requiem (Aug 2007) i made a few friends there and i can still remember a few like Nona and his brother, i was graced by his buffs when i was still on my second job quest which back then was waaaaayy looooot harder to finish.

Hira's Second Clan. Memorable clanmates vbox and artisanmasteriLeSaMis : Hira's Third Clan: LeSamis, clan owned by Roy (Angelo) a friend from Zamboanga,it was my idea why this clan was made, i asked Roy to make our own clan and he did this counterpart of the Lesamis he created in Prose,the name is French which means "Friends" and the symbol is a flower (quite feminine eh..) he said that in Japan it means Youth. Consecutively, Youth means Power. Memorable characters here of course are edwin (elishacuthbert, archill3s) and nez's chars. (roznes,k1ngofdeath)

Gamma: Hira's Fourth Clan: headed by Josh and Lisa an American friend memorable chars are Isolde (lisa's cleric), Slayer (Aaron), iamLegend (josh's new char before i left). I could not find a solo pic back then here was the time when i was farming Astaroth King Wing in Luna CF, with my noob scout PrincessMau.

LastWish: Hira's Fifth Clan, it was a turning point for me joining this clan, i was already close to completing my gems and my set when i joined LW and Edwin the clan master that time was very nice to me being one of the Pinoy's in clan i was never discriminated whatsoever, this clan made me feel so much loved and the dutch friends i made here are superb..a few ign i can still recall during my stay in LW : Edwin (xThey,xUs) Arrie (xxHilarioxx), Mariaa (MarioPlasma), Rutger etc...

Rewind: Hira's 6th Clan. There's so much to say about this clan, my first ever clan that actually ruled the game and i was lucky enough to be with them during those times. Fun eventually stopped when the masters left the game out of boredome, clan was left to me and Mina's care which did not turn exactly right because Mina and i stopped talking due to some reasons i cant elaborate here.Summer of 2008 we started farming for out ONLY subclan .. xRewind, eventually made it 5th grade. Theres so much discussion here about my adventures in rewind, just check previous post if necessary.

DET- DontEvenTrip .. My Last Clan, Probably the coolest CM i met here, Jayt and the richest people ingame being with this clan was fun. Theres so much i wanted to say about my stay here that i cant think how to begin lol. Its the only clan i will ever join incase i come back playing, which in this case close to impossibility. DET is the reason why i logon to Aruaforums, i gained so many friends here also fell inlove here <3> Elisha quitted and i made a new character from the account which i named xHiRaIa. not long have gone, xHiRaia joined DET after i left my original cleric.

SweetHeart: my Own clan. After quitting from actively playing Rose, my boyfriend and i decided to quit and i made my own clan to serve as a home for all my characters so it would be easy to chat when i am online chilling with my BF.

i have two vendors ingame :Hirala and Apolla
Hirala vending
Apolla's Vends

KingArthurII was the very first noob edwin made for me so i can have a knight of my own farming warbiz. This picture was taken two weeks after Rewind became Grade5. It was also Edwin's First Time to see the Beach.

Dance : Doing nothing makes you insane in Arua so out of boredom here i started dancing and everyone else followed. pics would show im with Mairyel and Tetrode, clanmates from Rewind.

Rest : Its not all farming, i rest too and during breaks, i made it a point to put on a nice pose. Thats my cleric and my raider.

Farming Points: thats me and myra and lalaine posing while farming clan points for xRewind.

Warring : Farming clan points means war explicitly. I always bring Amaziah even in wars.

Clan Fun :Rewind was having fun posing here during our first few days farming cp for our subclan. Lina (PurpleKitty) was still present here.

Porch: Rewinds Claim, after grade 5 Rewind members would proudly AFK here in the Xita circle where everyone could see them wearing their Red Tag, Pimpy bikinis and shiny leet gears..back then people can just "Wow" over some things, lols..

Love in the Game : Since Rose bacame a very big part of my life i had been touched and moved by different persons here, those that influenced my gaming, those that changed me, and those that made lifelong impressions to me, ingame and in real life.. Hiraia loved ..

Hira and Intelasus

Hira and Angelo

Hira and Edwin
Hira and Jeiram

Nelo -
Look at his statements at the pic, it was meant as a joke because that time he was still my friend only and that time i was strying to help him make up with Kathz. Who would believe it will become real? lolol..

my Sig in forums

Unforgettable Friends
CocoRaia :)
Red Fashion: Edwin and Lalaine with Hira

My blog's winning article..My First Time in Oro: a memorable experience and i even have to tell everyone i know about it lol. i was really proud being an Aruan when Oro was launched. why? because its the first Oro launched ever! so i made an article about it here in this blogsite and i was even so much proud that when you google the word "Orlo or Planet Oro" its gonna be the first one. i also got a google score because of this article, hehehe. I even wrote to forums so they would try it.LOL (try it google it "planet oro") and see for yourself :)

Aruarose was superb, i had the bestest time there. It was fun till it lasted. Bye Arua, bye guys. I love you all. I have moved on Hiraia will have a new home :)..