That thing you call Age

Friday, December 12, 2008 |

How old are you?
I was often ask this question, i know i don't quite look my age, they said i look younger wahahah. But really, is there anything i should be conscious about my age? Im 28 so wut? atleast ppl claim i look like 22 (wahahah for the win!)..
I have never been more concerned about ageing until recently, and to be honest i nvr wished so much to be younger until last Month..
Okay, so it was my choice after all being in the middle of this dilemna. I have my way out and no one is deliberately keeping me in, but heres the catch, i chose to stay, even at the fear of wuth things may bring behind the bliss of a relationship with a generation gap.
Defining age had not been very frustrating for me since then, but, i remain hopeful and positive believing that happiness might be really on its way even if its 7 yrs behind.
Crossing my fingers ..