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Monday, October 27, 2008 |

PLAY my Game, I have been a long running player of one of the most stable Rose Online International Private Server, ARUAROSE..

Been there since the High Rate (Hebarn) Server opened and am still there, some people already quitted and i remain standing there.. whoa, Arua if Fun, believe me i have tried laying other servers and its just nothing compared to how Arua is.. the dedication of the Staff to improving the server is immesurable, the number of players is quite unbelievable..

Come Halloween, everyone is expecting a new patch, as it equates, new patch = better reason to play arua, new patch = new excitement.

I myself have been enjoying it, but like real life, you need to work on harder to get what you want ingame. To gain something out the available reasources ingame is one thing im good at, farming. Thats the way to make money and to get the gears you desire for your Job, by the way im a Full time Cleric.. my name game is xHiRaIa, and i belong to the Best (its overrated in know muwahahah) clan in the Server..

my aruarose character (xHiRaIa) with her leet clan: DontEvenTrip

Play AruaRose now, and see me ingame, let;s have fun, destress and meet new friends be a part of the world's most loved game, RoseOnline.

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