Saturday, September 20, 2008 |

Im back :D

After a long hibernation from blogging i guess im ready to write again, been quite some time since i last wrote sumthing here and i missed it for real. A lot things happened in the past months, i dunno why i prefer to be silent and all, not my usual behavior when im extremely lonely. Well, not that i am already recovered or so, but i guess i have more than recuperated from the fact that some things in my life cant really go the way i want it to be.

There had been disputes in Arua that broke my heart, i left Rewind and joined a Pinoy clan, got more annoyed at how things were going around and of the rumors i heard, i joined DET out of nothing and immediately got invited the next day..I stopped farming and im terribly missing it so once in a while i farm charms too, check on Kera but i never farms the other Bosses, i have completed all the factions sets and sold most of them, i already earned pretty big money from being actively doing quests, running here and there waiting for shouts. I made a new cleric as per Jayt's advice, a dex cleric for that matter, unfortunately until now she reamain in 208Lvl.. i was trying to level Todd too but when the new cleric starts soloing in prison i stopped party i reserved Todd for Marsh of Ghost.

Edwin stopped farming a few days before his birthday, he left me, things have changed now, or he changed and that totally broke my heart. Everything that i am now is just what left of somebody desperately trying to forget him. And im not having a great time. And im not doing good because im still crazy missing him.
DET is fun more than i thought, but Rewind remains the best for me, i had the best of everything in Rewind, but well, it never ended well for me. DET promises better tho, nicer clanmates, Leet people from different parts of the world, Life seems easier with DET, i was a lot appreciated. The people i used to aaoid during farming is in the same house as my new cleric now. Jayt is cooler than i thought and the rest of the people more friendly than i expected.

the new hira

Im actually close to hibernation, i have sold almost all the sets, the raiders and the scout and all chrs edwin and i made are on the full stop now, i sold everything i have and left only the set for the cleric, the AAW which i treaeure so much might bne disposed off too, dunno yet but until everything is cleared then i might have to finalize my decisions when to give it up. After all i can always find a better wing should i decide to go addictus again.