Friday, July 4, 2008 |

I hated hearing this game in the first place, its the game that took my clanmates away, hmmp! But i gave a second thought, there might be sumthing in Rohan thats really nicer than what Rose have, after all, if most people in rewind loved it, why cant I? So i Dled Rohan, after 3 tries i made it 6 hours WTF but i made it finally. i spent 4 hours of a day on Rohan, i enjoyed it, i was not rushing as i want to be familiarized with it, i wont leave myself any question since im a noob in that game, I was happy with the result, its not as hard to play like Perfect World. Honestly i enjoyed it.However my friends cant play it, Edwin cant play it and i guess even if he can he wont. Lalaine too, and Myra.. So its not nice at all for me to learn that i will be leaving them in Rose alone, i Stoped Rohan at level 13, and i will continue it once Edwin, lalaine and myra decides to play too, until then, i either quit or lay low playing rose. But i kept Rohan waiting, after all its closed Beta, and things will still change once its officially turned over to market for business.
I still recommend Rohan its nice, graphics and gameplay are amazing ::
heres a pic of my avatars in Rohan :D

Ofcourse, Hiraia will continue living here <3