Rewind Plsss..

Friday, July 4, 2008 |

Ive been in rewind for a long time now and i miss my friends so much, i have to admit Rewind is dying but me and Mina are doing the best to keep it alive, xRewind is grade 5 now, its quite an accomplishment for me as i put too much in upgrading it from 5k clanpoints up to 75k cp, was never absent a single farming day, always at command always the one deciding where to go who to kill, who to call, when to begin, where to stop, it was tiring yes, but it was fun more than all other things i have in my shoulders. Keeping both clans active is hard, and keeping the reputation is as even harder than keeping the Rewind culture alive if the masters that set the standards are away. I long to see Rewind alive and strong even after i quit but i have a hunch that if mina and i lax, rewind will surely die.
If i could turn back time, i wont miss a single war, i wont miss a single line in clanchat, for all we know whatever we have now is just sumthing fate lends us for a day and will be gone tomorrow. if only its possible, then .. Rewind pls..