My First Looties

Monday, May 12, 2008 |

This is late but does it matter? Five days ago i looted my first Zephyr Falcon (slot) and BTS (slot) .. There should have been a Skullbreaker (slot) also unfortunately my client dced before i even pick it up. It was a loss but im still happy.. Thanks tons to Kera and Vaga for droping nice to me. All in one day.
To be honest, im loosing hope on Amaziah having badluck with Boss drops, but i proved myself wrong. Finally, farming paid off well, when Edwin said he really created Amaziah because it bores him that i only have Hira as cleric, doing nothing but buff and support.. Well its so nice when i gave him the ZF slot im sure he's not expecting that althemore when i traded him also the bts slot..
Luck came my way. I love you Amaziah <3..

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