Looking Back: April

Saturday, May 3, 2008 |

Im just bored, i guess i just wanna look back and check my activities last April. What did April bring me?
April - I use to hate even hearing this month. Ask me why? My first Boyfriend who is now a friend (demoted.. ^_^) had some flirtgal that goes by the name April. Well.. not a good memory to look back but i forgive her already so its fine now. Well not that im too busy i just dont normally account the things that happened to me, anyway life happens to me in such a breeze i never even have a checklist of my own goals and dreams.. But i have dreams lmao.. Simple hardly possible dreams.
Going back..

Last April >>

  • Macky send me a business card with his number . It was more than a surprise because that was beyond impossible.
  • Reality bit me and i woke up from some illusion i have always believed. I realized the trauma that creeps over me and the fear of another useless fight. I started to feel distant to someone i called hubbey.
  • I got some chance to get better gears for my cleric her int 520 became 526.
  • Patch 810 of Aruarose a very big milestone for my most loved online game.
  • Every Night boss farming with Hector and Elisha. Yeah i eventually got used to calling him Ed or Edwin, well he said once how much he love his name and i LOLed on that.
  • My cleric left LastWish Clan and joined Rewind and i never thought that this could really happen. They were nice and they really protect their members, I learned to go to wars whenever im needed or just whenever im feeling lazy to do anything.
  • Ed made a knight that we can use for Charms farming thus KingArthurII was born ..
  • Ed and I made a new Raider for Kera farming llllAvEnGeRsllll he leveled slow to farm lisents CR in temple B2 and eventually speed level to catch up some fixtures tended to be done come patch 811. Amando thank you so much. ^_^
  • Hiraia my cleric maxed to 215 too, and i think she just deserve, bec even as pioneer i never had the chance to max my Hira on PRose or on Ruff.
  • Prior to being Maxed, llllAvEnGeRsllll looted his first Zephyr Falcon drop. slotted (yeah baby !!)
  • Soon Edwin realized that the new raider seems weaker than before it was reseted so we made a new Raider by the name Amaziah.
  • Amah Speedlevel too to catch up on EXP madness due to Arua's Birthday event. 215 now yey.
  • Arua's 1 year celebration at the Adventurer plains and WTF cake hat ^__^. Thanks Matt.
  • Now back to my reality, we lost a very important person in our lives, i have to admit that no matter how big this change was, i never had the courage to write it in my blog (just yet) i am not in denial anymore because i know that wherever Lolo is today he is much better, no more pain and no more suffering.. sometime in the future i will write about my real feelings concerning his death. Sometime..but not now.
  • Hubbey is back ingame but we rarely talk, we fight at the most stupid things and i just grew tired of feeling bad. Unconsciously i drifted away, Mau, not Hira but Me.
  • Nez closed some deal and i painted it dry for him. I learned that he trust me that much and i really appreciate that.
  • OMG Nez stripped his raider (i hate this idea) and QuickThinker was back in game much stronger in his 5/20 set.
  • I finally met Roy again .. well, i will possibly write an article about this because theres too much feelings drowning me having him as a topic.
  • One night, I nearly had myself in danger .. sorry but i cannot much elaborate
  • Amah is now 215 and has completed his g7 set. We are still farming.
  • Amah joined Lastwish so we could farm Sockets in Eldeon CF in a party with Elisha. No luck just yet.
  • I was feeling sick most of the days ending April, but im doing well atleast im not bedridden or sumthing.
  • Edwin have new plans to make a baby cleric and me to create a baby mage.. Have'nt started yet >,<
Wheeww !
Its quite tiring hahaha, but its nice to look back sometimes.. Goodbye April.