Getting To know Hernez

Monday, May 12, 2008 |

Yeah you guessed it right >> I'm bored. Well Hebarn was down since i woke up this morning.Im left with nothing to do so i kinda manage to twix mah blogger !
Honestly, ive been wanting to do some things like this in the past but im a little busy, or pretending to be busy. LOL.
Lets get you to meet my friend.There. Thats his character r0sn3z in Arua Hebarn, he is also known as K1ngofDeath to Rewind, currently he's playing on his farmer scout now QuickThinker, but he's already levelling his power scout iROSNEZ, that will for sure, be soon a part of Rewind. Coz, just so you know Nez Owns! <3
Well, apart from being close ingame, i haven't really seen Nez in person, until last night he posted his pic in Friendster which i immediately saved to my photobucket. Im really happy to get to know him closer this time atleast i've seen how he is as a real person, not just an online character.