Summer Heat

Sunday, April 6, 2008 |

Waaaaaaahhh ..
Its so f*cking hot in the Philippines!
Well its summer and its so humid, so bright and so colorful. Haha, Im being retarded LOL , the season is great but unlike other people, i don't quite love summer. I love beaches, i like water, i like space and i like the solemnity of the sea. But summer isn't all about beaches, summer also means .. Super Hot afternoons, high fluctuations of electrical bills due to non stop use of fans and airconditioners and most of all.. more fat and calorie intake due to constant addiction to twin popsies.
Its so horrifying how childish i am, trust me i woke up this morning so frustrated bec ive been walking a long time under the sun sweating and thirsty and having a killer migraine.. When i opened my eyes and see more sunlight touching my forehead from that position in bed, I got even more irritated. Lol , it was just a dream, waaa.. sunlight stalks me bad grrr.... >__<
Well summer is here, and like life itself, seasons change. May summer bring me something good despite how much i want it to end.