On Track

Sunday, April 6, 2008 |

Last night, i received something in my phone i dont really expect, not ever..
Gosh. Am i absurd?
Its a business card with my ExBfs number on it, well it came from the same number, and i dont quite understand why, when i thought that the very last thing he would like to happen is to communicate with me and be a part of my life again.. When we decided to go separate ways last November, ive been constantly telling him that i would like us to be friends in the end, and he refuses that, so was under the impression that he totally want me out of his life.. Well, now that i am over him i can grant that easily, but then, him, being a part of my life for almost 10 years, i guess it cant easily be taken for granted.. now, i believe that its true..True Love does not fade, if theres a need to let go it only changes form, but love is love and no matter what kind of love we talk about, in the end, to love is still to care.
Still i thank God, despite the heartbreak and despite the pain we inflict in each other including our families. I hope we can really be close like how we were 10 years back. like 10 years back... There's no need for romantic love. Remembering and caring is more than enough.
I guess, we're on the right track.