A Missing Light

Sunday, April 13, 2008 |

I just got On.. finallyyyyy!!
Sucks .. grrr
I dont have Net most of the day, im missing the LED signifying that Internet is OK. Yeah i did called the customer service hotline already, but it still frustrating, i got so much to do.
They say to powercycling the modem is the first trouble shooting step.. and yes i did that like a hundred times already.. and since its summer i would have guess maybe its so hot that the IC in the modem melted or sumthing.. ahh i tried to cool it down but it wont, not so quicly, well i put it in freezer, really..
I connected it back cold like a dead mouse as it came from the fridge, sadly, still missing that one LED, well as i get annoyed in each and every outcome of tirelessly turning on and off.. i realized the importance of one line. "One for all, all for one".. Just one light missing and its totally not working. =(